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5 Sep

This Week in Fashion

It was Eid business as usual this week, with exhibitions offering great discounts popping up everywhere. I obviously couldn’t, didn’t and wouldn’t go everywhere but I kept a keen eye on what worked and what didn’t. There were 5 exhibitions I had shortlisted for my Saturday trawl and I’m happy to report that I managed to completely avoid all unsightliness.   Stop 1: Blocked I was serious when I said I wanted to pick up my first Blocked tunic but by the time I got to the exhibition (around 12:30) everything nice was gone. The unstitched fabric was attractive but then fashion and style is more about the silhouette than the fabric. I made a mental note of asking for a preview next...
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14 Feb

Weekend Review: the shops are red

I try and survey all prominent shops and boutiques every Saturday, every week but now with the rise of ready to wear in Pakistan, there are way too many to handle in one go. So this week I decided to pick and choose and visit those where I hoped to find some solid summer wear. My trek started at Sonya Battla and ended at Sana Safinaz, with lots inbetween. Here's an overview, hoping that it'll help you all when you step out to shop next time! STOP 1: Sonya Battla   It was February 13 and I have to say I was guilty of associating this weekend with Valentine’s Day and not remembering Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s birthday until I walked into Sonya Battla’s boutique....
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3 May

A Happening Saturday Fashion Trawl

I do all my field work and market rounds on Saturday, that is how I keep myself updated with what’s up, what’s new out there and ensure that I’m not missing anything. Today was a happening Saturday, which began with a trip to Sanaullah on Tariq Road for the HSY for Ittehad lawn launch.     I didn’t plan to buy anything but went out of my way for HSY, you do that for HSY because the man deserves respect for turning the face of fashion around in Pakistan. His attitude is so great. I may not love everything he designs but I love his persona, his optimism and his sense of nationalism. He’s integral to fashion in Pakistan. Our meeting, of course,...
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3 Aug

A little bit of Inaaya

For those of you who have visited Ensemble in Karachi, you may have noticed a quiet yet smart and very intrinsically Pakistani clothing label called Inaaya. Those of you who know Naushaba Brohi from the media world (she was editor of the Life & Style pages of Express Tribune before Atika) will know the person behind Inaaya. Others may have simply appreciated the label for its simplicity, modern and yet restrained elegance. Inaaya, named after Naushaba's daughter (it means empathy in Arabic), is an ethical brand of clothing working to revive Pakistani craft while simultaneously empowering artisans. Currently Bee is working with around 50 women in the Khairpur district of Sindh. Naushaba with her team of artisans. The results,...
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21 Jul

EID reviews: Shamaeel and Sana Sultan

EID REVIEWS 1 The best thing about being away from Pakistan in Ramazan is avoiding Eid 'Fashion' Exhibitions. Pardon me, I mean no offence, but the most drab and boring auntie clothing is what most drab and boring auntie designers churn out in Ramazan. And the worse thing is that even the most decent designers turn drab when the dollar signs start ringing in their eyes. Commercial clothing equals ugly clothing and that's what most Eid Collections, Eid Bazaars, Iftari Clothing and etceteras churn out. I have enough press releases advocating Exciting Eid Clothing in my inbox as proof. That said, I'll save them the embarrassment of naming and shaming them. Okay, so I can't blame designers for making some hay while...
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2 Aug

Nida Azwer’s out-of-the-box, into the deep sea collection…

Aliya and Mahvish in Nida's new collection, replete with the octopus on the daaman! It's the time of the year when fashion designers go berserk with work. It's Ramzan, the holy month that also equates to happy buyers and Eid shopping; business sees an unprecedented spike especially where fashion is concerned. I once had a neighbour who believed it was auspicious to wear a new outfit every time she fasted and hence she shopped her way through Ramzan. All I can say is, bless her! I personally am not a Ramzan or Eid shopper as designers tend to go down the monotonous and overtly traditional route. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the change in Eid clothing...
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