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6 Dec

A Post Fashion Week Weekend

   Spectre, Tamasha, a very ‘haute’ dinner hosted by Nasreen Askari at the Mohatta Palace Museum and last but not least, some jaw-breaking comedy by Saad Haroon and Salman Qureshi at the PACC Auditorium…this was an extremely busy and yet charged and revitalising weekend!   Yes, this is exactly how one recovers from Fashion Week! Nasreen Askari, director Mohatta Palace Museum and Frieha Altaf.   “It’s tragic that we’re a country that can produce couture and yet we’re letting it all waste away,” Rizwan Beyg did not mince his words or his disappointment at how commercial, fast fashion, pret and a compromise on quality had jeopardized all the gorgeous craft that is indigenous to this region. Nilofer Shahid and Faiza Samee, also from the same school...
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18 Jun

A couple of hundred stitches in time

They say a stitch in time can save nine but A Flower from Every Meadow throws the spotlight on numerous indigenous textile techniques that need to be savoured as well as saved.     What an absolutely magnificent display of exquisite craftsmanship, every stitch of which has originated and evolved in the sub-continent! A Flower from Every Meadow has blossomed as an eye-opening exhibit at the Mohatta Palace Museum this week, bringing attention to ancient and unfortunately dying crafts from the region, crafts that are crying for care and conservation. This isn’t your average slipshod, attention grasping activity; this exhibition permeates the six senses subliminally. Installations and exhibits have been displayed with the standard of meticulous care one associates with the V&A in...
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28 Sep

The TDAP Trip

I've never had the motivation to attend a TDAP event before, not just because it was always held at the other side of the city at the Expo Centre, but also because the former Director was allegedly/ infamously corrupt (now in jail) and because TDAP infamously put up shoddy WC and mango stalls in their exports exhibition. Let's just say I had my reasons. This year the fashion shows, at least, were different and showed promise. I have no idea what and how much the newly appointed Secretary, Rabiya Javeri can change but someone with her background and reputation does suddenly bring class and respect to an event. Which is basically why so many credible labels agreed to show. The line...
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3 Aug

A little bit of Inaaya

For those of you who have visited Ensemble in Karachi, you may have noticed a quiet yet smart and very intrinsically Pakistani clothing label called Inaaya. Those of you who know Naushaba Brohi from the media world (she was editor of the Life & Style pages of Express Tribune before Atika) will know the person behind Inaaya. Others may have simply appreciated the label for its simplicity, modern and yet restrained elegance. Inaaya, named after Naushaba's daughter (it means empathy in Arabic), is an ethical brand of clothing working to revive Pakistani craft while simultaneously empowering artisans. Currently Bee is working with around 50 women in the Khairpur district of Sindh. Naushaba with her team of artisans. The results,...
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1 May

Pakistan’s Retail Therapy

This is the unedited version of the story that appeared in Hindustan Times on April 29, 2013. You can read the published version here The first Sana Safinaz Store at Dolmen City Mall, Karachi has been drawing in crowds. Like high-end boutiques anywhere in the world, only 15 ladies are allowed in at a time. Photo courtesy Salima Feerasta It’s been little over a decade since an organized fashion industry emerged in Pakistan, five years since the first fashion week unrolled it’s catwalks to buyers and the media. The industry is barely adolescent but fashion has snowballed beyond imagination despite the odds, which are many. You would think that establishing a fashion industry in Pakistan would be as difficult...
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