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16 Aug

Is Fashion Dead in Pakistan?

The rise of a ready to wear revolution has resulted in the death of innovation and creative expression in Pakistan. Can someone step in and save style?   I like to think of fashion as poetry in motion.   Alexander McQueen 1999: This was one of the most memorable moments in McQueen’s show history. Two robotic hands unraveled from slumber and aggressively spray painted model Sharlom Harlow. She says: “It almost became this like aggressive sexual experience in some way. And I think that this moment really encapsulates, in a way, how Alexander related to—at least at this particular moment—related to creation. Is that all of creation? Is that the act of a human being being created, the sexual act? Is it the act...
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3 May

“FW is time to show off a little"

Safinaz Muneer talks about showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and how exhausting fashion weeks can be when they’re two too many!   The Sana Safinaz showing on the fourth and final day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was undoubtedly one of the strongest, most memorable of the day. It’s hard to get over those vibrant pops of colour set against a monochrome canvas of black and white stripes. It was a happy collection, one that lifted the soul into a summer vacation on some sandy beach by aqua blue water. That’s the thing about the brand Sana Safinaz, it delivers a unique feel-good factor, one that comes with glamour and gorgeousness.       I bumped into Safinaz as...
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28 Oct

Dear fashion models…

You all are tall, young, gorgeous and you are every designer’s dream face. This is how you feel. Except you’re not. Especially not all of you. After having attended fashion shows in Pakistan for over a decade, all from the front row for excellent visual, I have some feedback. Some of it is my own and some has been handed down from designers, photographers and makeup artists who have had the pleasure of working with you… 1. Stop smiling on the catwalk. You’re not in a congeniality contest and most of you are here to make a certain outfit look good, which means you need to let the clothes (as opposed to you, yourself) to be centre-stage. Also, you want to...
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12 Sep

Sanam Chaudhri is Fashion Pakistan Council’s newly elected Chairperson

"Fashion is a funny animal. You never know what’s going to happen. What we do know is that we need to leave our egos at home.” Sanam Chaudhri showing at the Veet Celebration of Beauty in 2011. Sanam Chaudhri, a young talented designer from the fashion industry – someone who also has discipline and a head for business – is Fashion Pakistan Council’s newly elected Chairperson. Wardha Saleem, another one on the frontline of today’s trailblazers, is the CEO and Maheen Karim completes this trio as Spokesperson. They replace Shamaeel, Maheen Khan and Deepak Perwani respectively. Obviously, I had to call Sanam as soon as I found out… Me: Did you know what you were signing up for? That’s quite...
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2 Feb

Pakistan’s fashion goes viral!

Zahir Rahimtoola, CEO and founder of the Labels e Store. This is the season of mega mergers: Adnan Pardesy for Working Woman, Maheen Karim and Bonanza (much more on that later) and today, Labels e store and Hum TV. This merger, certainly another game changer for fashion, turns the Labels eStore into thus giving HUM TV viewers all over the world immediate access to Pakistani fashion brands available on the e Store. This may seem like a small step to some but the collaboration between fashion and television is one of the strongest in the world. Manolo Blahnik found a rise in the shoe's popularity when Sex and the City star Carrie Bradshaw started splurging her pay check...
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10 Apr

Fashion Pakistan Week S/S 2012: Day 3

[youtube=] You know the feeling of excited desperation you get when you’re reading a great book or watching a super film and you never want it to end. Well I got that feeling at FPW yesterday. The day was so amazing that I didn’t want to let go of it, despite exhaustion kicking in like never before. But what a day! What a line-up, even from the unexpected new stars of fashion! Meera strikes a pose for Nomi Ansari Meera has never looked this good before and Nomi Ansari injected a shot of adrenalin to a day that was already very high on good fashion! Mehreen Syed poses in Shamaeel spring/summer 2012 Shamaeel's floral collection was gentle...
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