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30 Nov

Are you addicted to Humsafar too?

Mahira, Fawad and Naveen in Humsafar It took me a total of ten minutes to get addicted to Humsafar. And since I don't get the time to watch too much telly, the episode I caught was 9, right before the rain scene. I missed Saturday night's episode too so spent last night watching all ten episodes on YouTube. It was a romantic fix, nothing less, and one that continued till 3 am nonstop. God bless my internet connection. I have not read the novel by Farhat Ishtiaq but realize what makes Humsafar, the TV adaptation so addictive. 1. The perfect casting: Mahira has the loveliness and innocence to pull off the character of Khirad. Fawad as Asher has the looks...
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