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26 Feb

Fashion & Friends for Frieha (and Crescent) at Flo!

[youtube=] Frieha Altaf of Catalyst PR poses in one of the new prints by Faraz Manan by Crescent Lawn I have not been able to drag myself to the lawn exhibitions this year, not a single one, especially at the Imperial and Palm shamianas. But Frieha Altaf is a smart event manager and she organized a press view for Crescent at Cafe Flo, in an intimate and elegant way. I don't know when and where the lawn will officially be launching. The new and improved Sam: spotted during the makeup call at Rukaiya's salon And here you see Sam all prepped up at the show Fareshteh Aslam and the...
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21 Feb

Sania Maskatiya: the beginning of a great brand

Sohai, Sania Maskatiya, Maheen Karim and Umair Tabani Sania Maskatiya recently celebrated the first anniversary of her shop and it was amazing to see women buying clothes as if they were doing their monthly groceries. All credit goes to this young firebrand who not only has her head wrapped around the commerce of fashion but knows how to balance it with the edginess it takes to be called a designer. Smart designers will make sure the press covers their work, leaving their social activities for exclusives Sania with powerhouse Frieha Altaf. Photo: iPhone Sania with Shernaz and Shezray of Ensemble Pakistan, where the label is stocked as well [caption...
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30 Nov

Ringleader, Frieha Altaf

(Published with the LSA story in Herald, October 2011) Ali Zafar with Frieha Altaf at the 2007 Lux Style Awards held in Malaysia. “I’m a man in a woman’s body,” is what Frieha Altaf has often said about herself. And while she doesn’t look the gender she professes to possess, she does have the testosterones to work like a man and drive her cast and crew crazy in the process. Slave-driving is bad enough coming from a man, but when it comes from a sexy woman in a short dress and dangerously high heels it can get a bit too intimidating. “What happened to your hair?” a Banana News Republic host asks his companion, who is sporting a giant...
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17 Sep

LSA rehearsals; I heart the lifeline!

Without giving away when the Lux Style Awards are actually going to be held this year, I will let on that if the rehearsals are anything to go by then they are going to be super! The energy within the rehearsal hall was cackling as film and fashion, music and melodrama came together for a camaraderie that can only blow some life into this otherwise dark abyss that we live in. Skeptics, cynics and critics will keep complaining about the fact that the awards will be held in dark times but you know what? They will keep criticizing and we will keep cheering because these awards light a candle in the windy darkness for some of us at least. We're not...
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