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20 Feb

Pakistani designers at DNA, London Fashion Week

Fashion Week season is underway all across the globe and the runway shifted from New York to London this weekend. While top-notch designers from Vivienne Westwood to Burberry have always showcased at the London Fashion Week, recently the trendsetting platform has also become a niche for Pakistani designers, included in the DNA program. Last year significantly featured The House Of Kamiar Rokni and Wardha Saleem and this year the troupe grew to include even more names. Part of the British Council’s Fashion DNA intensive program (which culminated into the Fashion Scout A/W 2017 show at LFW) featured The Pink Tree Company by Mohsin Sayeed, Maheen Khan, Sonya Battla, Hamza Bokhari (Jeem), Zuriya Dor and Munib Nawaz as forerunners of Pakistani fashion...
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20 Jun

7 fashion brands for Ramzan

It’s the time of the year when women easily accept 30 days of abstinence from food and water but direct their guilty pleasure from food to fashion! They indulge (most eagerly) into fresh off the rack, graphically patterned and vibrant outfits, not that we're complaining. There’s an instantaneous need for a spiritual cleansing in Ramzan, but also one of a different kind, and what may that be, than to indulge in some hard-core retail therapy? As Eid approaches, the markets are ready to get swarmed and as far as our trend report goes, ready-to-wear is topping the charts! While R2W is available a dime a dozen and there are umpteen options to choose from, here are our top high street picks from retailers...
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7 Jun

Lawn: Time to brand your prints

Given Pakistan’s obsession with lawn prints, it is odd that no designer has been able to come up with a single, signature print. Pakistan would be a tropical paradise if it had even a fraction of the robust vibrancy of nature that is exhibited on its lawn prints. I don’t think there is a leaf, a sprig or a species of flower that hasn’t been celebrated in two colour ways each. From parrots to parakeets, crows, sparrows, swallows, peacocks, flamingos, penguins, robins, hummingbirds and many other birds of paradise, the number of species visible on lawn prints would make any bird lover proud. But in this wild celebration of nature, where is the signature? How do we distinguish one label from...
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20 Apr

One step forward, two steps back

  Fashion Pakistan Week SS 2016 was a messy cross between a government funded trade show and high-end fashion event. Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2016, held in Karachi last weekend, was an extremely mixed bag.   The three-day showcase proved that FPW16, a platform now in its eighth year, still hasn’t been able to find the structure, stability and standard for it to qualify as an established event. Blame that impression on the daily delays, ugly spaces, designers pulling out at the last minute, others managing only 4-outfit capsule collections, pools of mediocre models and a general lack of oomph. Each day was a confusing mix of high fashion, high street, accessory, textile and students all under one umbrella. This would not work anywhere...
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13 Oct

Gulabo takes on a life of her own

When you call out the name ‘Rose’ you think of Kate Winslet in Titanic, a blushing Elizabethean beauty and simply put, a damsel in distress. But translated to Urdu, ‘Rose’ becomes ‘Gulabo’ and you’re immediately transported to a gutsy girl in colourful attire and an attitude to boot. The transformation is quite drastic. And that’s what the brand is about. Attitude.   Gulabo by Maheen Khan is a relatively smaller (when compared to your average fashion retail store in Pakistan these days) but an infinitely more stylish fashion outlet that has now moved out of its store within the Nishat Store and has opened a flagship right across its former location. And why is it so highly recommended?     The...
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