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1 Apr

First Look at the PSFW 2014 lineup

PSFW 2014 courtesy Faisal Farooqui @ Dragonfly In what has to be the best time for fashion in Pakistan, it's PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) time! Starting April 10, the four-day event held in Lahore is looking at almost 40 shows covering textiles (lawn), high street and high end fashion. Here's a quick look at the lineup. It isn't official, as no official announcement has been made yet, but it is pretty concrete if my sources are to be believed. And I think they are. First the main shows: 1. Mohsin Ali for Libas: potentially a fantastic combination. 2. Nickie Nina: regulars and veterens, though one does still wait for another glimpse of the gorgeous first collection they showed at the first PSFW. 3....
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11 Oct

PLBW takes off with trendsetting wedding wear

When it boils down to basics, a day at fashion week has to be judged by the quality of design it sends out on the catwalk, the amount of style seen on its red carpets, front rows and the kind of push it gives the fashion industry in general. That's three solid checks for PLBW Day One. HSY HSY brought his three muses to the catwalk: Vaneeza, Mehreen Syed and Reema, cast in the splendour of three collections in red, gold and midnight blue respectively. The runway does require exaggeration and his layering was very ambitious but the impact was grand and served a diverse palette of wedding wear for brides to choose from. I feel I should...
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18 Aug

Fall/Winter 2013 fashion activation ON

Once Ramzan and Eid come and go, there begin two types of hysterias in Pakistani fashion: the wedding season and fashion week season. Wedding season is when wedding-goers start hopping from one event to another and fashionistas start hop-scotching and navigating through wedding ceremonies and fashion events. It is so important to be at the right place, in the social pages! Sometimes it feels like Page 3 drives social activity and not the other way around! But after a long summer lull, end August and September is when fashionable things start 'heating up'. Summer in Pakistan does not contribute to style and sadly, neither did the Lux Style Awards (July 2013), which looked more like a style crime scene on the...
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26 Mar

Skip to end April and the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week

I have jump-skipped to the last event in April because PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, scheduled to take place in the last week in Lahore, promises to be the best fashion week in Pakistan. Ever. Here's why: On the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week red carpet last year: Humaima Malik, Meera and Reema. Lahore is beautiful this time of the year and being the heart and hub of culture, it's where star sightings are most frequent. The lineup (at least part of the line up that I have drawn up by speaking to designers randomly) includes Sana Safinaz, Shehla Chatoor, Sania Maskatiya, Maheen Karim (who'll be showing twice, once with Bonanza and the second time with her own western luxury...
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21 Feb

Colour me, WICKED!

I'm very fond of Meherbano Sethi, who has been successfully managing the Luscious brand of makeup for several years now. And I feel that in lieu of the fashion week mania that we are experiencing in Pakistan, to have a limited edition of nail colours for summer is just wow! It's a great idea, one that many major cosmetic (especially nail) companies all over the world - OPI, Sally Hansen, MAC etc - have practised. Nail colour collections have been customised around movies, celebrities and of course fashion designers. So it's very hip of Meherbano to take up the idea in Pakistan. And her selection of designers as super as the shade card that she's chosen. Bright, vivid and joyous...
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8 Oct

PLBW Daily Diary: Day Four Finale

The last day of the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week was long - it literally started one day and ended the next (at 1:00 am precisely) but other than the inexcusable delays in timing, the event ended on a good note. That good note being consistency and bravado to face the odds. Agreed, it isn't easy swimming against the current, and the PFDC has managed to do just that for five pret weeks and one bridal week (yes, Hassan, we were listening each and every time you pointed it out). Very quickly, I'll take you through the last day's lineup, which began with a style segment from Khawar Riaz and Adnan Pardesy. Adnan, who has impressed with his devotion to couture...
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20 Sep

PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2012 lineup: first look

It hasn’t been made official yet but of course, a journalist can hardly be expected to wait for an official announcement. None of this has been confirmed by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council or Lotus (the official publicist for PLBW) but I have been able to put together an informal lineup of designers and I’m confident that it’s quite accurate, especially with the designers that I’ve spoken to. This is what (or rather who) you can expect to see at the second annual PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week… Names to look forward to: Fahad Hussayn, PLBW 2011 Fahad Hussayn: This will be Fahad’s second showing at the PLBW. He showed a magnificent Kashmir inspired collection last time and got raving...
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18 Apr

HSY’s finale: when the show gets bigger than the collection

[youtube=] A fifteen minute delay (or was it thirty minutes?) led to the HSY finale and I have to admit, it was grand. Half a dozen bronzed and muscled torsos carried in regal, white silk flags boasting the HSY monogram and they followed a very haute Fayeza Ansari clad in a white hot-pant jumpsuit. The show began with white and ended with gold. Predictably, the entire collection was all white and gold, enhanced further by Asmaa Mumtaz's styling. It was grand but was it the strongest collection shown at PSFD Sunsilk Fashion Week? No. Just as critics at the Fashion Pakistan Week complained that Nomi Ansari (and not Honey Waqar) deserved the grand finale, similarly those who had been blown over by...
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22 Nov

My thoughts on IFAP

IFAP CEO Mehreen Syed with most of the visiting faculty I wasn't in Lahore for the launch of IFAP but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion about Pakistan's first Fashion Academy. Of course I do. I've visited the website and do feel that the CEO Mehreen Syed and Head of Faculty Shahzad Raza have made a fair attempt at professionalism, though starting their launch two hours late (according to my journo-colleagues) does not go down well with the required discipline of an academic institution. However, I do think that portraitures made on the website are a bit exaggerated. Mehreen Syed is a good model but calling herself Pakistan's "undisputed supermodel" is pushing it a bit too...
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