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25 Sep

Ten years and counting

At their tenth anniversary there was an appreciation that the Lux Style Awards have come a long way but also an apprehension regarding which path they’ll be taking now. Mathira has the moves and she got Bootylicious at the LSAs. An event that was launched a decade ago to acknowledge excellence in Pakistan celebrated its tenth anniversary in a manner that did not quite justify the aplomb of the occasion. The tenth annual Lux Style Awards certainly had more moments than the show has had in the past three years but it did not out-do the magnificence of Malaysia (2007), as was expected and hoped for. The evening rode entirely on the shoulders of the BNN (Banana News Network)...
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17 Sep

LSA rehearsals; I heart the lifeline!

Without giving away when the Lux Style Awards are actually going to be held this year, I will let on that if the rehearsals are anything to go by then they are going to be super! The energy within the rehearsal hall was cackling as film and fashion, music and melodrama came together for a camaraderie that can only blow some life into this otherwise dark abyss that we live in. Skeptics, cynics and critics will keep complaining about the fact that the awards will be held in dark times but you know what? They will keep criticizing and we will keep cheering because these awards light a candle in the windy darkness for some of us at least. We're not...
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7 Jun

Who’s going to PRET A PORTER PARIS this year?

PFDC fairy godmother Alexandra Senes, with Ali Xeeshan, and Isabelle Ballu in the background. Xeeshan may not be going to Paris this year but his is clearly a brand Senes believes in. It was announced at the end of the previous PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week that several (seven) designers would be selected from the industry to exhibit/show within the Atmosphere's arena at Pret a Porter Paris in Septmeber 2011. Pret a Porter Paris, for the unaware is a regular fashion fair that hosts "special trade shows for different markets, with ATMOSPHERE’S for creators and designers, THE BOX for high-fantasy accessories, THE TRAIN in New York and LIVING ROOM in Tokyo. With its brand spreading out internationally, its attraction grows...
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4 Apr

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week Day three

As always, the last day was the very best. Kamiar Rokni, HSY and Ammar Belal walked for Ali Xeeshan as 'Munda shehr Lahore da' pelted in the background! Best collections of the last day: 1. Adnan Pardesy 2. FnkAsia FnkAsia's fashion week collection was stronger than the label has ever been, and what makes it better is the fact that it'll be out in the market soon if not already! 3. Ali Xeeshan 4. Teejays Summer 'must-have': Cotton gharara with cargo pockets. Colour: bone. Best productions of the day: 1. Ammar Belal: 'Wild Thang!' Buzz was that he wanted live animals - lions or at least pythons - on the catwalk but the council declined 2. HSY: 'DJ got...
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24 Mar

Why are there two fashion weeks, anyway

(Published Sunday, 03 Jan, 2010) ‘It’s simply because there are two fashion councils led by ego, as opposed to logic.’ Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world that has two fashion councils. Many countries have several fashion weeks, but only one fashion council. The United States of America has the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the United Kingdom has the British Fashion Council and nearer to home, India has the Fashion Design Council of India. Fashion Councils are usually non-profit organisations, working towards the growth of the industry and fashion weeks are part of the resulting growth curve. Pakistan’s two fashion councils can be seen as two influential cartels: the Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC or Lahore Council) under their...
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5 Dec

Runway Brides

Style 360 in collaboration with J&S hosted a much-needed Bridal Couture Week in Lahore (Dawn Images Dec 5, 2010) Reema walks for HSY bridals This is not the first time a stage for bridal fashion has been put up in Pakistan. India’s Bridal Asia was imported once and Bridal Waves upheld itself for two seasons before fizzling out. Veet’s regular ‘Celebration of Beauty’ shows border on bridal clothing too however Bridal Couture Week, held last weekend in Lahore, can be appreciated as the first event aimed to provide a cohesive, sustainable platform for Pakistan’s mammoth bridal industry. The three-day ‘week’ had teething problems, expectedly, but there was nothing that can’t be fixed with a little planning. The only question...
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15 Nov

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week: Finale

The best thing about the line up at this fashion week was the fact that it had been edited. From thirty plus collections it had come down to around 24 including the charity and PIFD showcase. The daily shows may still not have taken the format of international fashion weeks but they are getting better in terms of presentation. It appears as if things are gradually improving. The foreign media present, at least, was thinking fashion and not the Taliban (finally!). There will be an appreciation of fashion this time, not just the peddling of a fascinating stereotype. The collections on day four: Cotton ghararas could be an interesting trend revival.   Feeha Jamshed nailed it for Teejays once again....
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12 Nov

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week day two: bombs away!

If you’ve been in one of those hot & cold situations that leave your hands feeling clammy then you’ll know what it must have felt like to be at fashion week last evening. The text messages started pouring in after eight, relatives insisting everyone return home immediately. It was bizarre, with fashion flashing in front of our eyes, while lives must have been flashing in front of so many on the other side of town. No matter how much you try to sugar coat life in Pakistan, you know that the core is as bitter as hell. But the show did go on. HSY announced the elimination of the three customary breaks; he knew people would have left. The air...
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30 Sep

What washed out fashion week

Instep Sept 26, 2010 The bright lights and vivid colours of fashion weeks have worn out and washed out, leaving behind a very tired, dull and lacklustre fashion industry. From April (when FPW2 concluded fashion week season) to date, there has hardly been any inspiring activity and it’s just not the socio-political dynamics of the country that has caused this dreariness. Designers, it appears, are burnt out/out of steam after participating in fashion weeks galore and the only road to recovery for them seems to be foreign trips. For shows, exhibitions or inspirations, who knows how the wheels of creative minds work? What we do know is that they’re certainly not working on new collections as the PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week,...
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