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17 Aug

“I’m a man of very few expectations.” 

Fawad Khan talks to Instep about Khoobsurat hype, racy Bollywood romances and dancing without his shirt on. I first met Fawad Khan a couple of years ago, in Lahore, when Humsafar was underway and Asher Husain (the character he played) was the man every woman loved to hate on. There was Fawad Khan hysteria even back then and I remember having to stop the interview several times to allow gushing teenagers a photo op or autograph. Good looking and extremely well-mannered, he was every girl’s ideal hero, even if his character always had menacing undertones, which was the case in Khuda Kay Liye, Humsafar and to a lesser extent, even in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. What we see now is the rise of...
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1 May

Geo, Shaan sey!

It's been a crazy two weeks, wrapping up freelance commitments that I had made whilst joining Instep as Editor. In that crazy roller coaster of a ride I've not found the time to blog. But hopefully, in a week or two, things should be running smoother and I should be back to blogging. Because it's the love I have for the written word that keeps me going. From planning a monthly magazine, I've come to daily pages and a weekender, which is more up to my speed. I love the daily page, Instep Today, because it's almost instant. News coming in today is published tomorrow morning. With six daily pages a week and a six page weekender every Sunday, there's room for...
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2 Mar

One Step Forward…

Nomi Ansari grand finale Fashion Pakistan Week Summer 2014 may have taken the platform one step forward in terms of better content but the question is: will it grow hereon or (once again) fall two steps back? Instep Review. Published: 2 March 2014 Google maps of Lyari on silk trousers. Monochrome patchwork on smart, rilli-crafted tunics, travelling the sartorial mile from rural Sindh to urban Karachi. Metallics that create gold and silver, mercurial illusions. And Parveen Shakir prints on postman satchels: imagine that! You actually needn’t bother with imagining because designers at Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) brought all these ideas, and more, to trend-setting Spring/Summer collections that’ll be widely available in retail stores soon. The content at fashion week:...
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13 Jun

A recap of my life…as a fashion journalist

I'm writing this to inspire girls and boys with a love for writing, a nose for journalism and  a passion for fashion to take up careers in fashion journalism. It's something the industry desperately needs and while we have ample bloggers (digital is the future, right?) we also need dedicated souls who want to train for the job, write for publications, follow and understand the ethics of journalism BEFORE becoming publishers of their own sites. (L-R) Muniba Kamal, me, Zurain Imam, Sadaf Malaterre (who found the journalists table more fun to be at), Andleeb Rana and Faisal Quraishi...
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