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29 Feb

IFW, Oscars, LPNY and Humsafar

Islamabad Fashion Week has been postponed to April 10, 2012 which means that between FPW3 (April 6-9), IFW (April 10-13) and PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (April 13-16) April will be a month to conserve energy for. Add the Sky Fashion Showcase to that list (March 26-29) and you'll be exhausted already. What a feeling! Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's Vanity Fair party outfit by Sana Safinaz was accessorized by a lovely (ruby and diamond) ring and bracelet designed especially for the occasion by Sherezad Rahimtoola. SOC was also presented a pair of diamond earrings to go with the bracelet but she couldn't wear them as the earrings she had worn earlier (by Kiran Aman) were quite heavy and she couldn't...
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27 Feb

Islamabad Fashion Week has been postponed!

In an unbelievable turn of events - given that it has happened three days before Islamabad Fashion Week was to commence in the Capital City - it has been postponed! Several reasons have been given by CEO Triple E Arshad Siddiqui, including visa issues and threatening calls made to Triple E from several 'dangerous' units in Islamabad. Official reasons will be made public tomorrow. Till then...
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8 Oct

Karachi Fashion Week in a nutshell

[youtube=] In my opinion, here’s what can be appreciated about KFW… 1. The platform is sticking by its word on being regular on the calendar. KFW is a follow up to IFW (Islamabad Fashion Week) that was held in January earlier this year. Both KFW and IFW fall under Arshad Siddiqui's newly found Pakistan Fashion Council. 2. The runway, thanks to CEO Tariq Amin’s refined aesthetic, was impressive. 3. KFW shows started on time, with negligible twenty minute delays. The days wrapped up, quite wonderfully for PST, around 10pm. 4. As part of a larger picture, KFW is a launch pad for new or undiscovered designers, designers that may or may not make it to the country’s more credible PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week that has...
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29 Jan

Another fashion council for Pakistan: PFC registered!

Setting a new record for a country with the most fashion councils is Pakistan as CEO Triple E, Mr Arshad Siddiqui, has registered a council of his own under the title 'Pakistan Fashion Council'. "This council will be for all designers of Pakistan as well as people associated with the fashion industry such as stylists, journalists, etc," Mr Siddiqui spoke to me from Islamabad where he is hosting PFW's first project, Islamabad Fashion Week. "Some people (established designers) have been treating fashion as their personal jaageer (property) and this is an attempt to make it accessible to all." He furthered that Tariq Amin had been appointed CEO of the council for three years and memberships were open for all designers, established and...
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