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9 Jun

YJHD: Call of the Wild

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani takes an age-old formula and packages it in bright and vibrant colours. (Published in Dawn Images, June 9 2013) There is no grey in this blend of merry colour. It’s the kind of kaleidoscope that bedazzles you with eye-candy, uncontrollable dance music and tongue-in-cheek, tickling humour. There really is no grey in this merry berry smoothie of sorts, no grey matter either. But while there’s no need for intellect in this genre of feel good cinema, one does walk away wishing for a little originality. One irresistible wild child for a hero, a bookish and bespectacled (yet perfectly proportionate) nerd for a heroine, a journey that binds four friends together and then life that pulls them apart. From fashionable...
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