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10 Jun

Fawad Khan: The complete man

Soumya Vajpayee Tiwari still remembers the day when the team of Kapoor & Sons visited their office in Mumbai, a bustling port city in India. The media house was buzzing with excitement and preparations were underway to host the attractive trio – Alia Bhat, Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan. The 26-year-old girl was beaming with happiness. After all, she was going to meet one of her favourite actors, or to put it simply, the one she had crush on. As the session began, the cast started talking about their on-screen equation and off-screen camaraderie and it so happened that during the course of interaction, Siddharth candidly admitted that he would like to imbibe a few things, like rich baritone, intense...
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24 Mar

Kapoor & Sons: The Haute Review

  The simpletons amidst us don’t ask for much beyond an entertaining movie, whether it is the visually engrossing Bajirao Mastani, the technically superior (Star Wars) or a simple animation like Kung Fu Panda. So when something as pleasant as Kapoor & Sons comes along, it’s a no brainer that the film will guarantee entertainment, if nothing else.   Luckily, like more Karan Johar productions, K&S provides a little more than a good looking cast working its way through a foreign location and fantastic soundtrack. This one gives us characters to relate to, enjoy and endear.   There’s really nothing original about the plot; we have seen the inside out of dysfunctional families from Kal Ho Naa Ho, Kabhi Alvidaa Naa Kehna and more recently,...
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14 Mar

Fawad Khan, live in India

Catching up with the man of the moment, who’s on a whirlwind tour promoting the upcoming Kapoor & Sons in India.   It’s almost impossible to remember Asher Hussain, Zaroon Junaid and Bond G Kaboom, if you can recall that completely clumsy clunk of a comedian who danced around trees and wooed Jutti behind bougainvillea hedges in the backyard. It is almost impossible but also important to recollect characters of Fawad Khan’s past because they have all defined the man, the actor and the huge star that he’s evolved as today. Between them and Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore, his aristocratic film debut in Khoobsurat or the self-deprecating Oochi, in hilarious anecdotal commercials popular on television these days, everything rolls up to make way...
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