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5 Mar

Brewing some controver-tea

  It all started when one of the organisers of the insanely popular Karachi Eat Festival claimed that the new, Karachi Tea Festival, was falsely advertising their event to be affiliated to the organizers of the former, which had led to the public being misled into attending the event, thinking it was by the organizers of KEF.   This was posted on various public forums, such as Karachi Food Diary (with 15,000 active members) and Karachi Tea Festival's page itself   Perhaps it started long before that, when Karachi Tea Festival was announced in the first place. Many supporters (as well as some of the organizers) of KEF were of the opinion that this festival sounds a little too similar, perhaps even...
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26 Jan

Eat, Karachi, Eat. But first, calm down!

  Nowadays, every Karachiite poses to be a food critic/connoisseur- Facebook ‘activists’ are ready to attack, disarm and destroy any restaurant that may not be able to meet the standards that Karachiites have now come to enjoy, thanks to the influx in high quality dining and food that is now so easily available at many leading restaurants.   Therefore we have come to learn a thing or two about food. So when you hear that in this city of foodies, an entire festival dedicated to food is entering its third year, you have some expectations. Don’t get me wrong- Karachi Eat Festival 2016 boasted some innovative food items -such as the nutella gol gappas and grilled Mac and Cheese sandwiches- but there were...
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