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5 Dec

Ayesha Omar all set to conquer cinemas with rom-com

Ayesha Omar has successfully portrayed one of the most memorable TV characters in recent history: the feisty and uptight Khoobsurat in the commercially successful sitcom, Bulbulay. She also lit up the cinemas as she played the geek-turned-diva in Wajahat Rauf's Karachi Se Lahore, and is now all geared up to return to the silver screen after a gap of two long years with Amin Iqbal's first ever cinematic outing, Rehbra. Labeled as a rom-com with intense romance, hints of satire and action, with soulful music, Rehbra features Omar opposite the Udaari famed actor, Ahsan Khan. “The plot of the movie is totally different from what I'm seeing these days,” Ayesha revealed as she spoke to SH in an exclusive telephonic conversation. “My character is of a...
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20 Aug

‘Unproductive’ product placements we could have done without

We love this energetic new wave that Pakistani cinema is riding on these days. This is a wave that has boarded all sorts of diverse subjects, from boxers to bankers, rickshaw-walas to corrupt railway officials and cricketers to con-girls. It’s diverse, it’s promising and though it may still be miles away from its destination, it is getting there slow and steady. In a nutshell, we love films. What we don’t love, however, is the inclusion of unwanted ads in the midst of these films. You thought that ad-breaks were only going to haunt you amidst your favourite TV shows, right? Wrong! One thing regrettable in this new age of cinema is product placement, which is actually as strong as any...
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2 Aug

Karachi Se Lahore: the light side of a challenging journey

  Karachi Se Lahore makes a brave attempt at a film that is driven by humour but stunted by lack of storyline.   As a film, Karachi Se Lahore works because of its humour.   Zaheem (Shahzad Shaikh) is portrayed as a loser of a struggling banker who is dumped by his girlfriend in favour of a secure life with a successful cousin. In an uncharacteristic show of backbone, egged on by his friends Sam (Ahmed Ali) and Moti (Yasir Hussain), he decides to take a trip to Lahore to stop her wedding. The films unravels as the road trip between both cities, in which they are accompanied by their neighbor Mariam (Ayesha Omar) and her brother Zeezu (Aasher Wajahat) whose father’s blue jeep they...
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