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22 Mar

Beyond the Runway

  The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week wore a cloak of confidence that camouflaged its few shortcomings and enhanced serious progress that is being made in fashion.   By Aamna Haider Isani   What the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016 wore last week was a cloak of confidence. The fashion week in Lahore, held over four days, was happily clad in a sense of security, magnitude and optimism that it has managed to achieve through a series of successful runs over the past few years. The lineup was impressive, hardly any collections were misplaced, and the juxtaposition of ready to wear, luxury pret and even lawn worked in cohesion with the keynote being industry development.   The Fashion   Designers have come into their own sense of identity and it...
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13 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day Two

Day Two at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was the strongest day that I remember ever seeing at a fashion week in Pakistan. The lineup was strong but we know that lineups and names don't necessarily live up to expectations. Not this time. Each and every designers who I thought should show super stuff delivered and it made for a fantastic day for fashion.   Nomi Ansari Collection: Joyride   Nomi Ansari set the pace for the day. His collection was racy, fun and so perfectly well constructed. Colour is Nomi's norm and anyone who knows him gets the China-colour-kitsch signature that he carries around as his ethos. This is where he came into his own strength. People have been making comparisons with western collections...
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23 Apr

The Number Games

In its seventh season, the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week manages to demarcate designers who are valid and those who are a waste of time. (Originally published in Dawn Images on April 20, 2014. This is the unedited version) The colourful Karma Pink finale The overall scale of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) today has the vibe and drive of a serious platform revolving around the business of fashion. In just seven seasons it has grown exponentially, from its debut as a socially hyped event in 2010 - enhanced by sizzling star power, gimmickry and everything but relevant content - to the current four day lineup that focuses on nothing but strong and streamlined fashion. Out of the 38...
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4 Jun

Fashion weeks lead to fashion retail

Sania Maskatiya and Umair Tabani, the brain behind the brand. Designers should have the space to create while someone else worries about the business and Sania's lucky to have that in her brother. How many times have I heard the question, “What do fashion weeks achieve?” as most people feel it’s an opportunity for certain designers to claim the spotlight before they disappear into the woodwork for the next six months. People feel that way because while runway images may make for ample media fodder (and we do love churning pictures out on different angles for the next six months) clothes shown on the runway were seldom seen in stores. I said 'were' because that holds true...
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5 May

The business of fashion gets bigger, better!

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Weeks puts up the best possible face of Pakistani fashion. Maheen Kardar contextualizes the National Elections with fashion, a statement that has sold out as soon as it hit the stores! I'm posting the full review, which was condensed for Dawn due to space restrictions. The published version of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week overview (Dawn Images, May 5 2013) can be read here ...
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17 Apr

Karma’s colours at PSFW

[youtube=] [youtube=] Karma by Maheen Kardar Ali got a new colour wave as the label broke away from traditional molds that is has always been associated with. I've never had this much fun at a Karma show before, despite the fact that they are always grand productions. Why? Well, simply because this Seussical collection was cheeky, a clear departure from the sugar coated fashion we've been served for so long. The new Karma, I felt, had a more interesting personality. It was tangy and fun, just like the jelly beans and sour-suckers in the goody bag: unpredictable, colourful and long lasting! Karma gets Seussical at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week This collection had individuality; I especially enjoyed the confident mis-matched...
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