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17 Aug

“I’m a man of very few expectations.” 

Fawad Khan talks to Instep about Khoobsurat hype, racy Bollywood romances and dancing without his shirt on. I first met Fawad Khan a couple of years ago, in Lahore, when Humsafar was underway and Asher Husain (the character he played) was the man every woman loved to hate on. There was Fawad Khan hysteria even back then and I remember having to stop the interview several times to allow gushing teenagers a photo op or autograph. Good looking and extremely well-mannered, he was every girl’s ideal hero, even if his character always had menacing undertones, which was the case in Khuda Kay Liye, Humsafar and to a lesser extent, even in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. What we see now is the rise of...
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