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16 Nov

When gold gets lyrical

We live in a day and age where time and practically everything that falls within the twenty four hours of each day is measured in its monetary value; how well it will sell. It’s a rare and extraordinary pleasure to come across a creative artist who designs for the delight, the thought and the consciousness of design. And that’s why the brand KFJ is special. The kind of jewellery Kiran Aman designs is a pleasure for the soul, not just the visual senses, and each of her collections – my personal favourites being Time Scripts Man. Man Scripts Time and Esoteric – has been a reflection of what has moved her at that particular moment. These days it’s Harmonia, her...
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5 Feb

So KFJ, I so love!

They say third time is lucky and like a cat looking for the right place to settle down, jewellery designer and publisher Kiran Aman has experimented with two stores previously before setting down for this little haven of artistic expression. Tucked away on the second floor of Ocean Mall, the KFJ (Kiran Fine Jewellery) store opened yesterday to a delighted clientele that could not wait for the event to finish before they started buying. There's something about Kiran that sets her apart. And that something is her unfaltering passion for what she does, whether that's publishing books or creating pieces of jewellery that are unique, designed with a deep symbolism at their heart. There is nothing conventional about her jewellery -...
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7 Mar

Drops of Jupiter

Kiran Aman and Sonya Battla trace their way through the constellation with collections inspired by the Milky Way Kiran Aman and Sonya Battla   Sonya Battla and jewellery designer Kiran Aman delivered a little bit of heaven last week when they launched their new collections at the Karachi Planetarium, a virgin venue for a fashion event. Inspired by celestial bodies and the galactic world that exists parallel to ours, the event interpreted Aman’s ‘Meet your Void’ and Battla’s ‘Stellar’ with grace and raised the bar for how fashion events may be done in Pakistan. While fashion continues to churn out commercial shows ad nauseam, this event proved how effective design can be when a little intellect is applied to it. “A single speck of dust...
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