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10 Jun

Fahad Hussayn flies south

The Lahore-based designer, known for his dark and grungy aesthetic, brings his Goth appeal to Labels, Karachi     It’s a year for fashion explosion all over the country and it’s a time when designers from Lahore are gravitating towards the coastal shores of Karachi. While several big names have tried their luck at various multi label boutiques in Karachi over the years – HSY, Sublime, Kamiar Rokni and other equally prominent names are a few examples – not many have managed to flag it. But all that is changing and for the bigger and better. Today there is, most prominently, the retail giant Sapphire spearheaded by Khadija Shah and it is looming over other brands. The Elan designer will also be opening...
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4 Feb

Society sartorial: Sanam Chaudhri

Sanam Chaudhri-Sheikh Nicholas Kirkwood, Spring/Summer 2012 Sanam Chaudhri-Sheikh is fairly low profile, in fact she was pretty much unknown in Lahore at least until she showcased her acclaimed florescent collection (in Karachi) in which Mathira 'revealed' a bit more than Sanam had bargained for. And then came the Shibori collection this year; that edgy splash of white and blue tied up with a flash of poppy red. Two collections and a constant stock at Labels later, everyone knows (or should know) who Sanam Chaudhri is. There's another reason. This young designer carries style effortlessly. It's easy to pull on the Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks or Louboutins (and we love to be branded from head to...
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2 Feb

Pakistan’s fashion goes viral!

Zahir Rahimtoola, CEO and founder of the Labels e Store. This is the season of mega mergers: Adnan Pardesy for Working Woman, Maheen Karim and Bonanza (much more on that later) and today, Labels e store and Hum TV. This merger, certainly another game changer for fashion, turns the Labels eStore into thus giving HUM TV viewers all over the world immediate access to Pakistani fashion brands available on the e Store. This may seem like a small step to some but the collaboration between fashion and television is one of the strongest in the world. Manolo Blahnik found a rise in the shoe's popularity when Sex and the City star Carrie Bradshaw started splurging her pay check...
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2 Aug

Nida Azwer’s out-of-the-box, into the deep sea collection…

Aliya and Mahvish in Nida's new collection, replete with the octopus on the daaman! It's the time of the year when fashion designers go berserk with work. It's Ramzan, the holy month that also equates to happy buyers and Eid shopping; business sees an unprecedented spike especially where fashion is concerned. I once had a neighbour who believed it was auspicious to wear a new outfit every time she fasted and hence she shopped her way through Ramzan. All I can say is, bless her! I personally am not a Ramzan or Eid shopper as designers tend to go down the monotonous and overtly traditional route. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the change in Eid clothing...
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19 Apr

Labels does Pakistan proud!

Put a group of fashionistas on the same flight and pack them off to anywhere in the world and it will always be a fun ride. In a trip that reminded me of the Lux Style Awards in Dubai and Malaysia, we were part of an entourage that flew over to Dubai to witness multi label boutique Labels open at the Emirati owned Studio 8, which until now was known primarily to stock Indian designers. "Indian fashion maafi (not)," an ever enthusiatic Faiza Samee was seen instructing some of Studio 8's Arab clientele. Faiza, who travels with her Lipton yellow label tea bags, home baked loaves of bread and even paneer (despite staying at the five star hotel we were put...
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