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22 Jun

A Coke Studio for Fashion

Fashion may be music to a woman’s soul while diamonds would be her best friend but many people would argue that fashion is superficially skin deep while it is in fact music that permeates the skin and seeps into the soul. Music fans would put up a convincing argument that fashion is elitist while music is populist; that most people can afford to buy a cassette, CD or tune into a radio station for what music offers while not so many can actually afford to buy or own any part of fashion. The last leg of this argument would be that musicians are better people than most fashion designers. Now on an average day I would be able to put...
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6 Jun

Travel tips: better ‘right’ than light

(Dawn, The Review) The month of June is upon us, schools have shut down for the long, hot summer and women all over Pakistan are packing or planning to pack for an upcoming holiday. That holiday could be driving up north to one of the country’s picturesque hill stations or flying abroad to a distant, exotic location. While most of us think practical and travel light, for the style conscious nothing can be worse than compromise on personal appearances. Dressing up is such an important ingredient to happiness and the wrong clothes on the right vacation can be a dreadful buzz-kill. Here are travel tips on this year’s trends and advice from the experts on how to travel with oomph… [caption id="attachment_235"...
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3 May

Whose style is it anyway?

Instep, The News May 3 2010 Pardon me, and I know it’s impolite, but I stare. Correction. I ‘observe’. There’s something in what I do for a living that compels me to observe the way people dress or carry their personal style. And over the last decade or so of consistent observation, I can’t help but slot all the women I’ve been staring at into separate little spaces and slap on labels according to their personal style. And I’m talking about women, mind you, not the anorexic variety of teenagers who hang in their t-shirts as their denims hang loose on their hipbones. Not even girls who believe they’ve hit sartorial maturity when they’re finally allowed to wear saris to their...
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