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22 Jun

Saying goodbye to the legend, Amjad Sabri

Amjad Sabri's name is synonymous to 'Qawwali' in Pakistan. Whenever one would think of attending a qawwali, it automatically meant 'Sabri night.' These nights had a culture of their own. In my life, it meant making a grand plan with my friends, wearing white shalwar kameez (I don't know why but shalwar kameez, specially white, became a thing) car-pooling with someone on the way back home as it would get late, reaching the venue early to get good seats, screaming along whenever Sabri sang 'Bhar do jholi'! It brings tears to my eyes that those nights are a thing of the past now. What makes it even more sad is that his death is unfair and untimely. Therefore the sadness of losing...
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