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21 Mar

Nabila’s two-headed twins

As you can see I am taking a break from my writing (not that all my stories have been submitted) but I needed a breather and for me this is it. Nabila's show on Sunday came as a welcome detraction from the wretched Pakistan v India cricket match. Not only did I get to see many of my fashionable friends but the evening also provided a wake up call for creative consciousness. Many, in fact most of us, tend to go down the commercial route and forget that creativity is key to excellence. Nabila gave us that wake-up call as she shook people out of their comfort zones with this brilliant rendition of L'Oreal Professionnel's Spring/Summer 2012 campaign, Somptueux.  Colours...
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15 Apr

PFDC-L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week versus BCW!

It may be another tongue twisting event in Pakistan's already choc-a-bloc fashion week schedule but a Bridal Couture week is just up Lahore's right alley and it's a welcome addition despite the saturation. Spotted at the press conference: Sara Shahid, Nickie and Nina, Maheen Kardar, Shahzad Raza, QYT, Hani Taha, Fahad Hissayn, Maram, Zara Shahjahan and others. Also, a Bridal Couture Week, or any fashion 'week' rightfully belongs to (any) fashion council instead of corporations that just get involved in fashion for the profit. Why else, I ask, would Style 360's Bridal Couture Week be charging stylists for providing a service? "I've paid 800,000 (8 lakhs) for four shows," says Saba Ansari. "They have scheduled two shows a day...
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