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27 Jul

Draw out those liners: cat’s eyes are blinking this season

L'Oreal's super liner to make the cat's eyes as easy as a blink The L'Oreal ad that will undoubtedly spark off a strong trend this autumn/winter. There's something cosmic about how different elements combine to create trends, in this case the cat's eye liner. L'Oreal's Super Liner hit the magazines last month, right after the extended eye was seen on various international runways as a beauty trend to look out for. And then Rajesh Khanna died. That has nothing to do with the trend, of course, but it did for me. Because when I was YouTubing the golden oldies (Kaka's songs) I rediscovered Sharmila Tagore and what incredible style she emitted. And above everything else, those eyes were the centre of attention...
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