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13 May

My weight-loss marathon

UPDATE 13.5.2012: three weeks Status: 5/100 pounds lost Myself with accessory designer Mahin Hussein who is talented and weightless. I have cropped 75% of my body out from this picture, mind you.  Okay, so that's not so much, in fact it's not even my target weight loss of two pounds a week, which many of you may consider too slow to begin with. But this time I want to do things patiently and I'm not disappointed. I picked up a 2kg bag of sugar this morning and thought to myself, "Woa, that is substantial!" In the fist week I lost 4 pounds, which I knew was very superficial and mostly water weight. In week 2 I didn't update my status (which...
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27 Apr

22.4.2012: Kickstart!

Target 100 pounds! I am overwhelmed by the amount of interest and the number of readers who have written to support my diet marathon or those who have pledged allegiance in needing to lose weight too. I want you to know that I do plan to document my weekly weight loss (or gain, or plateau) every Sunday morning. I know 100 pounds is a huge target but I have broken it down mentally and am looking at 2 pounds a week which amount to around 100 in a year. And I want you all to know that: 1. There are no shortcuts/medicines I am taking 2. I am not going to a nutritionist though I am in consults with my GP 3. I am...
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25 Apr

Allow me a moment of self-indulgence please

The wedding picture. So last week, the fatigue of fashion weeks, weddings and traveling took its toll and my lower back buckled, leaving me in pain and in bed for three days. My doctor very simply put it down to 'weight'. That was nothing I haven't heard before but his advice was encouraging instead of reprimanding. He said that this was a good time to lose the weight and get healthy as no real (irreversible) damage had been done YET. And so I have started my bid to shed the 100 pounds that I have gained in the fifteen years since I got married. That's a shit load to pile on and when I think about it I...
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