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1 Aug

Mahira Khan’s dance debut, live at LSA16

mahira khan's dance
There are dancers, there are stage actors and performers who can dance and then there are actors and actresses who have never had the stage experience but are such a natural when performing that they light up the stage. Gentle, light on the foot and extremely well coordinated, Mahira Khan is most definitely the latter. She performed a spectacular finale at the Lux Style Awards on Friday night and while it was late and Mahira was nursing a foot injury, you could have been fooled into believing her agility on stage. This is one in a series of short clips we will be uploading until the LSAs are officially shown on GEO TV; I think that would be by the end...
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31 Jul

Finding Pokemons on the LSA16 red carpet!

We were not looking for the best or worst dressed celebrities at the Lux Style Awards this year; we started looking for Pokemons once Tapu Javeri tipped us off that the Expo Centre were crawling with them. And boy did we catch them all over the place! Some were dashing and heroic, some were glamorous and sexy, some were curiously creative and others were downright unsightly. We'll leave the judgement for you! Fawad Khan Pokemon name: Arcanine This one is known for having incredibly good looks and moves as if it's flying. Fawad is now a legendary Pokemon that boasts a regal and proud appearance. We loved Fawad's choice of wardrobe - Republic by Omar Farooq as always - and he was one of the most...
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28 Jul

“I can’t feed oysters to people who want chicken karahi”

It is a matter of taste. You could be an oyster/escargot kind of person or you could be a hardcore karahi fan. Either way, you can’t convince one type to feed on the other. As Nabila aptly puts it, “People who want karahi should go to Laal Qila.” What in the world is she talking about? She’s referring to the Lux Style Awards red carpet and how it has deteriorated over the years. I, for one, remember the ceremony in 2003 as the highest in fashion excellence; it was a year when the stars dressed up impeccably and each and every one of them was red carpet worthy. Over the years the red carpet has become a) a pavement on which...
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26 Jul

Everything you need to know about LSA16

Okay, so maybe not everything but enough to get you excited. The country’s most credible, most consistent and most eagerly anticipated awards are just around the corner and they promise to be a big, big show. To think that a show this big could continue without controversy would be extremely naïve and so locked, stocked and ready with its share of chin-wagging, the event is ready to roll louder than ever before. Here are a couple of things you should chalk up as vital info on the program… It’s the LSAs 15th anniversary! The Lux Style Awards has the honour of being the only award show - celebrating excellence in entertainment, music and fashion in Pakistan – that has shown the consistency of...
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