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31 Aug

The Magnum Party 2015

  Imagine if Willy Wonka and Karl Lagarfeld met each other and decided to create a museum exhibiting their passion, chocolate and fashion, what would they come up with? There would be walls flowing with chocolate and an art installation paying tribute to rich Belgium chocolate. A gold chandelier would gently twirl from the ceiling and the entire room would be splashed with ornate gold furnishings. An international DJ would be flown in, who'd play the latest Calvin Harris chart toppers and the Crème de la crème of the fashion fraternity would let their hair down to get ready for one heck of a party.     That's sort of what happened this weekend at the Magnum Party. Rich Belgium chocolate was made...
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28 Aug

Maheen Karim’s Magnum Experience

Maheen Karim, who's up as a nominee for Best Luxury Pret at the Lux Style Awards this year, is also one of 5 designers creating Magnum inspired fashion for the Magnum Party 2015.   Magnum gets many people excited, but for Maheen Karim, the excitement rose for a different reason. "I was very excited of course when I was first approached to be a part of the Magnum Party, as you can imagine. It's obviously a chance to do something different, and I feel honoured, considering the other fantastic designers who have been approached by Magnum."   Maheen's signature style is Western wear, which she reckons is one of the major reasons why Magnum chose her to design a  unique collection for the event....
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