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18 Sep

“I don’t want people to stereotype me.”

Abbas Jafri talks awards, fashion industry and his beard (published in Dawn Images, September 10, 2012) What do you find in common with Khal Drogo, Eddard Stark, Jack Sparrow, Gandalf, Albus Dumbledor, French supermodel Patrick Petitjean and Abbas Jafri? Most obviously, the beard. The mountain man beard replaces the 'beardo-weirdo' with style and Abbas Jafri makes it fashionable. Photo: Rizwan ul Haq for Republic The mountain-man beard has become the antithesis to the polished, prepubescent ‘metrosexual’ boy that dominated the last decade. This time around, the beard is the new symbol of masculinity and virility. It’s the aesthetic opposite of ‘effemininity’. Take a look at popular television with bearded warriors in The Game of Thrones and you’ll understand their strength....
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