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21 Jun

6 possible endings to Mann Mayal

There is Mannu, continuously whining over her broken heart, fragile ego and now divorce (for her a fate worse than death) and then there is Jeena, who has no self respect and throws her orphan status into every five minutes of her screen time, begging Salahuddin to marry her. And these two women have effectively done the maan behan of emancipated women. They deserve an award for portraying the two most regressive characters on modern-day television. How Hasina Moin would cringe if she were ever to watch this! I’m sure she knows better but unfortunately we don’t and are fixated to this train wreck of a drama. Mann Mayal is approaching its end. 22 episodes down, there may be two episodes...
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17 May

Meet the characters of Mann Mayal

    Hamza Ali Abbasi as Salahuddin   I’m Salahuddin. I’m such a handsome bloke of a gentleman that any woman in my path falls for me. Unfortunately I’m not as sharp as I’m handsome because I tend to lead women on without realizing what I’ve done until it’s too late. I did it with Mannu and didn’t have the backbone (read money) to reciprocate and now this office girl is sending out all the needful messages that I don’t pick up on. I truly believe that she cares because she’s just a nice person; that she’ll order my dinner and turn up at my home with breakfast and ask me what I like in women and talk to my...
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3 May

Mann Mayal Episode 15: The Haute Review

    We’re 15 episodes into Manahil and Salahuddin’s love story and I’m hooked, no doubt, but disappointed at the same time. How, in this day and age, can the writer and director justify that Mannu, a headstrong girl, has settled for a life of compromise with a man who’s not just indifferent to her but despises her and makes no bones about it? Not only does he verbally belittle her but in the last episode he also physically bullied her, pushing her into premature labour. Meanwhile she’s holding an iron caste grudge against Salahuddin and will do anything to hurt him. Sallu on the other hand, is besotted by her and will do anything to help her ease any pain, including...
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31 Mar

Reimagining life beyond the border

Shilpa R, our correspondent in Delhi, writes about Zee Zindagi and how it has managed to bring a reimagined understanding of Pakistan to Indian homes.   The mere mention of Pakistan evokes varied emotions among Indians. A strange sense of longing, belonging and nostalgia hijacks the senses and peaceful reverie settles in. This moment is ephemeral because restricted narratives from Pakistan have resulted in constrained imagination. The window to our neighbouring nation, with whom we parted ways in 1947, opens slightly during cultural exchanges and political discourses, but these glimpses fail to offer a panoramic view of the society whose cultural heritage is as rich as India and who is fighting against the same social evils as India is.   For many Indians, the...
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31 Jan

Mann Mayal, a simple love story

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Maya Ali bring old school romance back to life in this new serial but will it stay this way?   Episode One   The general pace of life these days is so fast and turbulent that one has to make a conscious effort to pull the reigns and slow down…enough to park in front of the television and watch a one hour drama serial at the same time every week. Mann Mayal, promoted heavily as the next big thing on television (since Humsafar?) begged for a chance. And so ten minutes into inaugural commercials, when MM actually began, I was very interested.   I also have to admit that Hamza Ali Abbasi was the biggest attraction, to begin with. I haven’t seen...
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