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21 Jan

Maoism and Macbeth at the Mad-Hatter’s tea party

(Published in Dawn Images 20 January 2013) Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola is an eccentric film that puts the deviousness of feudalism and modern politics into a shaker, lacing it with absurdity for easy digestion. There could be no better time to watch Matru Ki Bjlee Ka Mandola than now, as ‘feudal activism’ threatens to annihilate us just as much as it does the small Punjabi village featured in the movie. But MKBM is not a Sarkar Raj or Rajneeti; it’s more of a comic frolic that chuckles through these issues. It’s a classic Vishal Bhardwaj take on a story that has been told before, just never like this. An elderly protagonist replaces the bicep-rippling super-hero, profanities replace nuanced dialogues (and are...
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