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17 Jul

Keyhole into the LSA backstage

Meera sliced several years off her age with this youthful Sadaf Malaterre dress whereas the pleats lent Sana some Grecian wisdom.. That said, both dresses were far from an exclusive look for the LSA red carpet. New fashion model Sam was looking better than ever in this black and white backless number. Rabia Butt's been affected by Fahad Hussain's macabre sensibility as she opted for a dark, Gothic look. Bilal Khan looking dapper in Republic, which was the most popular men's wear label at the LSAs this year. Beauty and brains: Nabila styled the LSA stars this year while Frieha Altaf worked hard towards...
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14 Jul

Random fun at the LSAs!

I don't have too many pictures to share and so I'm kind of waiting for my friends to update my stock. But if you've read my story on then you'll have gauged that it was a good show and a great evening, with minor flaws that are almost negligible. That said, the red or rather green carpet was too congested and poorly planned. It was impossible to see the stars make a grand entrance and I only got a whiff of the following...
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13 Jul

Ahmed Rushdi tribute at the LSAs 2012

[youtube=] The tribute had several young vocalists - Bilal Khan, Amanat Ali, Ahmad Jehanzeb and Junaid Khan alongwith female vocals lent by the very melodious Sara Reza who's touted to be the next Naheed Akhtar. And the songs were brought to life further by Meera, Faisal Qureshi, Sana, Mathira, Junaid Khan, Sam and the entourage of dancers! [youtube=] Mathira and Junaid Khan in action. watch?v=3k7FTR6r-hg&list=UU4oUXt2Hnhyr3N5jLf40q5A&index=1&feature=plcp...
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10 Apr

Fashion Pakistan Week S/S 2012: Day 3

[youtube=] You know the feeling of excited desperation you get when you’re reading a great book or watching a super film and you never want it to end. Well I got that feeling at FPW yesterday. The day was so amazing that I didn’t want to let go of it, despite exhaustion kicking in like never before. But what a day! What a line-up, even from the unexpected new stars of fashion! Meera strikes a pose for Nomi Ansari Meera has never looked this good before and Nomi Ansari injected a shot of adrenalin to a day that was already very high on good fashion! Mehreen Syed poses in Shamaeel spring/summer 2012 Shamaeel's floral collection was gentle...
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9 Feb

Movies, Oscar magic and the inevitable lawn tsunami

I know I've not posted for over ten days but it's been crazy busy! This has been a busy, busy week. If weeks were measured in terms of burgers then I’d say this week was a whopper! And if you measure it in lawn I’d say it was summer all over again. Except lawn has arrived before summer this year! The invitation cards started dropping in several weeks ago but there’s been way too much happening to start reporting on lawn too. You know there can never be a dull moment when Meera's around. This week alone? Well, I was wrapping up a really interesting story for Dawn when  Meera arrived after spending time in USA and Bangladesh. Major...
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30 Nov

Why the show must go on!

(Published in the October 2011 issue of Herald) 2007: Aaminah Haq and Atif Aslam performed to a frantic audience in Malaysia. The Lux Style Awards celebrate their tenth anniversary amidst national crises and raised eyebrows. Can the annual event survive this inhospitable climate? Here’s why it’s so important that it does… Take a minute to imagine how it was back in 2007. A special plane to Kuala Lumpur was chartered by Unilever to fly over 200 people who couldn’t be accommodated in regular flights. These 200 people were a heady mix of celebrities, musicians, fashion designers, models and the regular swarm of journalists whipping up every possible story. Pop band Raeth serenaded ‘pilgrims’ through the flight all night while...
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25 Sep

Ten years and counting

At their tenth anniversary there was an appreciation that the Lux Style Awards have come a long way but also an apprehension regarding which path they’ll be taking now. Mathira has the moves and she got Bootylicious at the LSAs. An event that was launched a decade ago to acknowledge excellence in Pakistan celebrated its tenth anniversary in a manner that did not quite justify the aplomb of the occasion. The tenth annual Lux Style Awards certainly had more moments than the show has had in the past three years but it did not out-do the magnificence of Malaysia (2007), as was expected and hoped for. The evening rode entirely on the shoulders of the BNN (Banana News Network)...
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18 Sep

Meera rehearses with Pappu Samrat Meera with Ahsan Khan at the Lux Style Awards The movement of this medley was too fast to capture neatly, though I'm sure fellow Tweeter Tapu Javeri got the perfect pictures. The costumes in this sequence were hideous but the moves were groovy. Look out for the Mathira number in the actual ceremony. I totally regret not capturing it on camera but I guess it's for the best!  ...
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17 Sep

LSA rehearsals; I heart the lifeline!

Without giving away when the Lux Style Awards are actually going to be held this year, I will let on that if the rehearsals are anything to go by then they are going to be super! The energy within the rehearsal hall was cackling as film and fashion, music and melodrama came together for a camaraderie that can only blow some life into this otherwise dark abyss that we live in. Skeptics, cynics and critics will keep complaining about the fact that the awards will be held in dark times but you know what? They will keep criticizing and we will keep cheering because these awards light a candle in the windy darkness for some of us at least. We're not...
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