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14 May

HSY sails into Karachi

Music blared through the corridors, shops lining the passage to Dolmen Mall’s Fashion Avenue that reverberated with some crazy rock beats and hundreds of people assembled around a raised stage made of glass, mirrors and flashing lights. You could have been mistaken into thinking that the Mall was opening its doors to its very first discotheque but no, this was HSY opening doors to his very first boutique in the vicinity! With HSY it’s never ‘just an event;’ whatever he does has to be a larger than life experience that allows him the epithet of King of Couture. He was King of the Moment and the who’s who of fashion and entertainment had turned up to wish him well. Bunto Kazmi,...
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10 Jun

When Cricket Came Home!

This post has been long overdue but my breath was stuck in my throat until the Zimbabwe team left Lahore, safe and sound. It did, and I can proudly say that this series was one of the best things that could have happened for the peoples' morale.       The feeling of stepping into a stadium packed with charged cricket fans was overwhelming; it was a feeling that was long awaited and long overdue. The Lahore stadium was pulsating with energy, fans madly waving flags, banners and blowing on their bugles to create festivity that had been shrouded in the darkness of inactivity since 2009. Security was tight, with hundred of armed turtles armouring the entrances and intimidating helicopters hovering overhead much like...
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11 May

Let’s fry ’em! Nuggets on the 11th LSA nominees: 1

Best Model (female) of 2011 Mirror, mirror on the wall Who's the fairest of them all? Best Model (female) nominee: Cybil Chowdry Cybil is one of my favourite models. She's beautiful and tall and she has the poise and grace to take the statue away. The only problem could be her age but then when has that ever been a hindrance before? Let's not drag it in now. Best Model (female) nominee: Rabia Butt The younger and gorgeous Rabia Butt poses the biggest competition for Cybil. Rabia is a hot contender and she's won this award twice before. Rabia's biggest competition, however, is Ayyan.  Between them, it's anyone's game. I personally am very fond of Amna Ilyas as a...
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22 Nov

My thoughts on IFAP

IFAP CEO Mehreen Syed with most of the visiting faculty I wasn't in Lahore for the launch of IFAP but that doesn't mean I don't have an opinion about Pakistan's first Fashion Academy. Of course I do. I've visited the website and do feel that the CEO Mehreen Syed and Head of Faculty Shahzad Raza have made a fair attempt at professionalism, though starting their launch two hours late (according to my journo-colleagues) does not go down well with the required discipline of an academic institution. However, I do think that portraitures made on the website are a bit exaggerated. Mehreen Syed is a good model but calling herself Pakistan's "undisputed supermodel" is pushing it a bit too...
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