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1 May

Pakistan’s Retail Therapy

This is the unedited version of the story that appeared in Hindustan Times on April 29, 2013. You can read the published version here The first Sana Safinaz Store at Dolmen City Mall, Karachi has been drawing in crowds. Like high-end boutiques anywhere in the world, only 15 ladies are allowed in at a time. Photo courtesy Salima Feerasta It’s been little over a decade since an organized fashion industry emerged in Pakistan, five years since the first fashion week unrolled it’s catwalks to buyers and the media. The industry is barely adolescent but fashion has snowballed beyond imagination despite the odds, which are many. You would think that establishing a fashion industry in Pakistan would be as difficult...
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16 Feb

Saturday Part 2: Meeting Mini Bindra

I bumped into Mini Bindra at the Sana Safinaz studio yesterday. And though she was on a super busy schedule, she graciously agreed to meet me for coffee today. Mini Bindra, who is visiting from India to stock up on Pakistani fashion, runs the PFDC Boulevard in Delhi. The multi-retail store, which opened three months ago marked notable expansion of the Pakistan Fashion Design Council, and Mini confirmed that our designers were doing very well in India, especially Sana Safinaz, Libas and Elan by Khadijah Shah. The very charming Mini Bindra, who I incidentally bumped into at the Sana Safinaz studio. What more, Mini shared that a Bollywood starlet was recently in the store and she picked up a...
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