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22 Mar

Beyond the Runway

  The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week wore a cloak of confidence that camouflaged its few shortcomings and enhanced serious progress that is being made in fashion.   By Aamna Haider Isani   What the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016 wore last week was a cloak of confidence. The fashion week in Lahore, held over four days, was happily clad in a sense of security, magnitude and optimism that it has managed to achieve through a series of successful runs over the past few years. The lineup was impressive, hardly any collections were misplaced, and the juxtaposition of ready to wear, luxury pret and even lawn worked in cohesion with the keynote being industry development.   The Fashion   Designers have come into their own sense of identity and it...
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12 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week took off on Thursday, with five strong names and one Rising Talent Show that offered a glimpse at what fashion students were up to these days. One thing was certain, even before the day took off, and that's the size and scale of fashion week, which the council has managed to build into a formidable force. The strength of any fashion week, however, is always its content and here's a recap of what Day One offered in terms of collections, innovation and design...
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3 May

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day 2

Muse Day 2 began on a spectacular note with Muse. There was sophisticated expression in those jackets, the straight column shirts (this is how you must do length, if you prefer keeping your shirts long) and the embellishment that was as refined as Muse always is. The metallic belts added a Parisian accent to the very versatile collection that will work in Pakistan and just as well, anywhere in the world. Monochrome in three standout colours, this collection was a winner, my favourite of the day. Saira Shakira   This duo has a handle on style and isn’t afraid to experiment. Those bejewelled pockets were very hip, elevating an otherwise sexy but safe tunic. I loved their use of fringe, especially in one of the...
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21 Feb

Colour me, WICKED!

I'm very fond of Meherbano Sethi, who has been successfully managing the Luscious brand of makeup for several years now. And I feel that in lieu of the fashion week mania that we are experiencing in Pakistan, to have a limited edition of nail colours for summer is just wow! It's a great idea, one that many major cosmetic (especially nail) companies all over the world - OPI, Sally Hansen, MAC etc - have practised. Nail colour collections have been customised around movies, celebrities and of course fashion designers. So it's very hip of Meherbano to take up the idea in Pakistan. And her selection of designers as super as the shade card that she's chosen. Bright, vivid and joyous...
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24 Apr

Ensemble One beats The PFDC Boulevard and FP Lounge to Dolmen Mall

Five fashion weeks led to the opening of Ensemble One at Dolmen Mall today and I must say, it was a phenomenal success. Stocking fashion under Rs 10,000 is a revolutionary idea for Pakistan (where the average designer label begins at 15,000) and credit goes to Zeba Husain, Shehrnaz and Shezray for bringing it together. Here's what the evening looked like...
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5 Sep

Visas prevent designers from Pret a Porter, Paris

Eight Pakistani designers, coined as Pakistan's Super Eight by French fashion enthusiast Alexandra Senes, have very sadly been reduced to the number four as far as their presence in Paris is concerned. The Atmosphere, a section of the Pret a Porter fair hosting the Super Eight, however was just as rich as the designers left behind were quick enough to package off their wares. According to Adnan Pardesy who did manage to fly out in time and kept tweeting his tour, "The show was gr8. Very well received. And the interest in the product from buyers is interesting." Pity that someone so creatively well-crafted as Kami couldn't be one of Pakistan's fashion ambassadors to Paris. Kamiar Rokni, Khaadi...
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7 Jun

Who’s going to PRET A PORTER PARIS this year?

PFDC fairy godmother Alexandra Senes, with Ali Xeeshan, and Isabelle Ballu in the background. Xeeshan may not be going to Paris this year but his is clearly a brand Senes believes in. It was announced at the end of the previous PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week that several (seven) designers would be selected from the industry to exhibit/show within the Atmosphere's arena at Pret a Porter Paris in Septmeber 2011. Pret a Porter Paris, for the unaware is a regular fashion fair that hosts "special trade shows for different markets, with ATMOSPHERE’S for creators and designers, THE BOX for high-fantasy accessories, THE TRAIN in New York and LIVING ROOM in Tokyo. With its brand spreading out internationally, its attraction grows...
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