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17 Jul

14. Sania Maskatiya’s animal fun

You didn't think my summer wardrobe was complete did you? No siree, I was away for a month and a half and therefore on a much needed fashion break. But this was a compulsive buy on my first day out on a shopping spree. I went to Sania Maskatiya's super-store and couldn't resist the black and white stick animal figures on this cotton. I feel the length is a little long for my liking so I will be taking it back and begging for an alteration but otherwise it is perfect. Perfect for the next evening out. Ps. The red Chinese dragon is a souvenir from ChengDu and permanently hangs on my wardrobe handle :)...
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6 May

13. Sana Safinaz go green!

The lime green coolant This outfit has been hanging in my cupboard for over a month and I haven't had the opportunity to wear it simply because it is, well, a tad bit too festive for daily/casual wear and a little too conventional to qualify as fashionable. So it's been hanging there, looking crisp and cool until I decided to pull it out for a very hot evening at The Designers yesterday. The store wasn't hot but with mercury creeping over 40 degrees in Karachi I was melting. Solution: shalwar kameez! And it did the trick. As you can see, Sana Safinaz have given me a broad, airy neckline for this straight shirt and even the sleeves...
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26 Apr

12. An all-white Sania Maskatiya

What is a summer wardrobe without the quintessential white kurta? Sorry Ponds, my White Perfect applies to fashion not face wash! Have you ever noticed how, in one season, you end up hoarding a lot of the same colour? There has to be some psychological explanation but since I'm not a shrink I will refrain. What I can say with authority is that MY summer wardrobe has ended up with a lot of black and white. White especially, and the latest is this crisp white cotton tunic from Sania Maskatiya. The kurta comes with a longer slip that is finished with Sania's white and gold block print so you don't feel it's too stark. And...
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24 Apr

Hello bagwati!

Tapulicious bags are truly quirky and fun statements to carry! The detailing is at par with any established brand of bags available at this price. Bagwati. sigh. I cross my heart and say that I would rather have this eclectic piece of art for a bag than something that comes in a six-digit figure. Or more. These Tapulicious bags by Tapu Javeri were showcased at Fashion Pakistan Week 3 (the burqa collection) and carry forth his digital rendition of an ode to Karachi: Karachakra. I last saw a smaller, trial collection of these bags at the Karachakra exhibition last year and they must have done well for Tapu to submit to full-fledged production. The bags...
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