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21 Feb

Colour me, WICKED!

I'm very fond of Meherbano Sethi, who has been successfully managing the Luscious brand of makeup for several years now. And I feel that in lieu of the fashion week mania that we are experiencing in Pakistan, to have a limited edition of nail colours for summer is just wow! It's a great idea, one that many major cosmetic (especially nail) companies all over the world - OPI, Sally Hansen, MAC etc - have practised. Nail colour collections have been customised around movies, celebrities and of course fashion designers. So it's very hip of Meherbano to take up the idea in Pakistan. And her selection of designers as super as the shade card that she's chosen. Bright, vivid and joyous...
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16 Feb

Saturday Part 1: Karachi Literature Festival

It’s Saturday night and I am rather feverish. Only it’s not the jiving type of fever. I’m baffled and have nothing coherent to say because this day has been a roller coaster of emotions, starting with a love for literature and heading out to the Karachi Literature Festival and ending with a deadly news bulletin. A sun dappled day at KLF included colourful mural 'Painting for Peace' which the kids more than enjoyed. I’d like to savour all of what I love at the end of this busy day. So, despite being a fashion journalist I do have a love for literature and books, which makes KLF irresistible. I’ve also always loved Alexander Pope and since my dad...
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