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6 Aug

Shaan e Pakistan is a very mixed bag

    The highlight of the evening was the baritone presence of Amjad Sabri and when he sang a few lines from “Bhar De Jholi” he brought the house down. Amjad Sabri was, in fact, the strongest element in the Shaan e Pakistan introductory press conference that took place at the Pearl Continental last evening. The fact that Sabri will inaugurate the Shaan e Pakistan gala on September 10 in Delhi with an evening titled ‘Ek Shaam Pakistan Ke Naam’ is very promising. What better way to introduce Pakistan to India (not that the two need an introduction) than through powerful qawalis! The second impressive act was Akhtar Chanal (featured in pic above) who performed his classic Balochi song and dance.   [caption id="attachment_4903" align="aligncenter"...
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14 May

Nomi Ansari’s L’Oreal brunch

  It was one of those hot Sunday afternoons when the heat visibly radiates from the concrete ground, much like steam rising from a hot skillet. But an invitation from Nomi Ansari, on behalf of L’Oreal, was enough for Karachi’s fun-lovers to arm themselves in summer wear and head out to Café Verde where the designer’s successful collaboration with L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème was being celebrated. Titled ‘Ambassador of Fashion’, this was one in a series of alliances that the brand hopes to build with successful fashion designers in Pakistan. With colour in his chromosomes, who better to begin with than Nomi Ansari? L'Oreal's Musharaf Hai, Moazzam Ali Khan with brand ambassador, Mehreen Syed The man can achieve the impossible, apparent in the...
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12 Aug

Iftar at Nomi’s: where the African Grey was louder than any of us!

A gentle evening breeze kept the outdoors cool, a squawking parrot made sure he was heard above the social chatter and Nomi's dress code - white - ensured a sense of serenity was maintained through-out the iftar that he hosted today. Shamaeel, who hosted an iftar for council members last week and Nomi, who put together the most eclectic of people for his. Iraj in a sufi-mode, Shamaeel doing the desi-girl and Fareshteh wearing black in a white theme GT. After hours: Tapu, Nubain, Saqib and Frieha lounging after that lavish feast! Fauzia, risking a plate of pakoras and Nadia, avoiding food at all costs to lose the...
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4 Aug

An ensemble of high fashion

I was almost not going but I'm delighted that I did because not only would I have missed the fabulous new collections at Ensemble but I would also have missed the biggest confessional by Mohsin Sayeed. More on that later. I have to do justice to the fashion first although I'm sure you're all itching to hear how he stole 40 lakhs from his brother, failed in slow poisoning him (remember when Umar was in the hospital), stole patterns from the Psycho line (couldn't resist the dig) and more. All that later, in the next post. Nadia Hussain looking gorgeously in shape and merely ten pounds away from her pre-baby weight. She'll be back on the catwalk...
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