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10 Dec

Winter/Festive is Coming!

Fashion Pakistan Week introduces a unique ‘Winter/Festive’ flavour to the season but served between commercial collections and bad branding, it suffered from style setbacks.     Unlike the western world, Pakistan has two unique fashion seasons: summer and wedding. And so to label this season’s Fashion Pakistan Week ‘Winter/Festive’ was not a bad idea at all. Winter is all about festivity in this part of the world, whether it’s weddings, parties or the overall celebratory air of family reunions in the holiday season and that’s the cue designers were given for their collections. Whether wedding wear, trousseau, party or simply winter wear, what they interpreted as Winter/Festive was their personal choice.   Shehla Chatoor chose to show her very first bridal collection at a fashion...
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6 Dec

A Post Fashion Week Weekend

   Spectre, Tamasha, a very ‘haute’ dinner hosted by Nasreen Askari at the Mohatta Palace Museum and last but not least, some jaw-breaking comedy by Saad Haroon and Salman Qureshi at the PACC Auditorium…this was an extremely busy and yet charged and revitalising weekend!   Yes, this is exactly how one recovers from Fashion Week! Nasreen Askari, director Mohatta Palace Museum and Frieha Altaf.   “It’s tragic that we’re a country that can produce couture and yet we’re letting it all waste away,” Rizwan Beyg did not mince his words or his disappointment at how commercial, fast fashion, pret and a compromise on quality had jeopardized all the gorgeous craft that is indigenous to this region. Nilofer Shahid and Faiza Samee, also from the same school...
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27 Oct

Nilofer Shahid to showcase Grand Finale at FPW

Showing for the first time at a fashion week in Pakistan, couturier Nilofer Shahid is all set to make a magnificent comeback on November 30, with a “humble tribute to Rembrandt.” By Aamna Haider Isani   Nilofer Shahid has been out of the picture for far too long. Her label - House of Meeras, that outstanding, opulent brand that created works of art and grand productions in terms of concepts and clothes – has not been part of the fashion narrative since 2007 when she showed at Paris Couture Week, to much acclaim. She has been making sporadic appearances – at a BCW finale in 2010, a showcase in Ankara in 2012, to receive a prestigious French Award in 2014 – but there has...
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18 Jun

A couple of hundred stitches in time

They say a stitch in time can save nine but A Flower from Every Meadow throws the spotlight on numerous indigenous textile techniques that need to be savoured as well as saved.     What an absolutely magnificent display of exquisite craftsmanship, every stitch of which has originated and evolved in the sub-continent! A Flower from Every Meadow has blossomed as an eye-opening exhibit at the Mohatta Palace Museum this week, bringing attention to ancient and unfortunately dying crafts from the region, crafts that are crying for care and conservation. This isn’t your average slipshod, attention grasping activity; this exhibition permeates the six senses subliminally. Installations and exhibits have been displayed with the standard of meticulous care one associates with the V&A in...
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25 Nov

A case for couture

John Galliano designed some of the most magnificent couture for Dior. Some Like it Haute (Published Nov 24, 2011) It’s time to set the record straight for a term very loosely used in fashion: haute couture. Literally, the word haute in French means “high class” and couture means “sewing” or “dressmaking” and the two words combine to form haute couture, a term that refers to the highest order of dress-making. Haute couture clothes are custom-made for exclusive clients and display all measures of excellent tailoring, expensive fabric, innovative design and attention to detail including high quality intrinsic beading or embellishment. Sounds simple? Well, there’s a catch. The catch is that several years ago France, where haute couture originated (a tradition...
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4 Sep

What’s written on the runways?

A quick look into the tangled web of fashion weeks in Pakistan… Will Rizwanullah ever model on the PFDC runway again? Here he steps in for Ali Xeeshan. ‘Fashion Week’ is the new buzzword. And there are three registered fashion councils in Pakistan, all three of them attempting to organize at least two fashion weeks a year.  It’s a ridiculous number of fashion weeks for a country as small as ours. From what one has witnessed, one united fashion council was established for Pakistan in 2006 but it very quickly segmented into the Pakistan Fashion and Design Council (Lahore) and Fashion Pakistan Council (Karachi). The PFDC took off under the leadership of Sehyr Saigol while FP elected Maheen Khan...
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