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13 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day Two

Day Two at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was the strongest day that I remember ever seeing at a fashion week in Pakistan. The lineup was strong but we know that lineups and names don't necessarily live up to expectations. Not this time. Each and every designers who I thought should show super stuff delivered and it made for a fantastic day for fashion.   Nomi Ansari Collection: Joyride   Nomi Ansari set the pace for the day. His collection was racy, fun and so perfectly well constructed. Colour is Nomi's norm and anyone who knows him gets the China-colour-kitsch signature that he carries around as his ethos. This is where he came into his own strength. People have been making comparisons with western collections...
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12 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week took off on Thursday, with five strong names and one Rising Talent Show that offered a glimpse at what fashion students were up to these days. One thing was certain, even before the day took off, and that's the size and scale of fashion week, which the council has managed to build into a formidable force. The strength of any fashion week, however, is always its content and here's a recap of what Day One offered in terms of collections, innovation and design...
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9 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, coming up!

  The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016 line-up promises some sharp and cutting edge style.   By Aamna Haider Isani     The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week kicks off very soon and it reveals a line-up that promises some sharp and cutting edge style for women always on the lookout for trends.   The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016 lineup   Now in its eighth year, #PSFW (the fourteenth fashion week organised by the PFDC) has been monumental in starting and consistently maintaining the need for seasonal collections to streamline trends and establish market leaders in the country. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost every major designer has shown on this platform. This year’s event will feature 16 of Pakistan’s biggest fashion brands and 11 textile brands that will...
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14 Feb

Weekend Review: the shops are red

I try and survey all prominent shops and boutiques every Saturday, every week but now with the rise of ready to wear in Pakistan, there are way too many to handle in one go. So this week I decided to pick and choose and visit those where I hoped to find some solid summer wear. My trek started at Sonya Battla and ended at Sana Safinaz, with lots inbetween. Here's an overview, hoping that it'll help you all when you step out to shop next time! STOP 1: Sonya Battla   It was February 13 and I have to say I was guilty of associating this weekend with Valentine’s Day and not remembering Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s birthday until I walked into Sonya Battla’s boutique....
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19 Jan

Bunto Kazmi’s Magical Karachi Skyline

It was nothing short of a museum piece. When I heard of the tapestry that Bunto Apa (as she is lovingly and respectfully called) had created, I dropped all prior engagements and trekked across to Muhammad Ali Society, where she resides. Anyone who's visited Bunto Kazmi's exotic atelier will vouch for its intricate splendour; today it looked extra special as everyone there was standing around this 7 foot long tapestry and just admiring it in silence. It was nothing short of spectacular. Created for a Private Collector (who wishes to remain unnamed) this work of art had taken over a year to finish, soaking up almost 10 days of labour per day. Three master craftsman had worked on it - their names...
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16 Oct

Maria B prints plagiarized in India

  Maria B is a brand that has huge retail presence in Pakistan, the UK and now in India as well. The designer has been working with Indian textile company Sahiba for over a year now, and while Sahiba imports and distributes Maria B’s embroidered silk range (that is manufactured in Pakistan), the textile manufacturer prints and retails Maria B collections in lawn and linen in India itself. The numbers show that stats for all three variations of fabric are booming. With sale comes popularity and with popularity comes the downside, plagiarism.   All three embroidered silk collections of Maria B in 2015 have been copied and are being circulated widely in India. They’re even being marketed in high-end campaigns featuring Karisma Kapoor.   “The...
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10 Aug

Freedom at Sapphire

  As a brand Sapphire has put the market for ready to wear in Pakistan into spin cycle. It's true R2W clothing: easy to access, abundant, affordable and trendy. Spearheaded by Elan's Khadijah Shah for the Sapphire group, Sapphire has hit the jackpot when it comes to winning combinations. It would be overindulgent to say it's perfect because a little bit of versatility in the styles would be welcome however, when it comes to print, palette, quality and value for money, Sapphire is a super hit.   So this Freedom collection comes as a welcome way to dress up all of August. There are seven designs in all, for both men and women, and the tunics and kurtas will help you tap into...
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3 May

Why Mahgul Stands Out

I remember Mahgul Rashid’s debut at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in 2013. It was impressive but even more effective was the machinery that helped elevate her brand into public and media consciousness. Mahgul is Nasreen Sheikh’s grand daughter and with Selina Rashid (Lotus PR) as her sister-in-law (Mahgul is married to Selina’s brother) it was expected that she would get excellent PR. And she did. With celebrities like Meesha Shafi wearing and showing off Mahgul designs on the red carpet, she got the visibility a new brand can only dream of and it seemed that this young designer was all set to take off. To be fair, she did appear to have ideas.   Then she decided to sit out the...
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