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28 Feb

Bachaana: the ‘haute’ review

There are several reasons why Bachaana works. First of all, the lead characters are delightful. Vicky, played by Mohib Mirza, is the obvious star. Tall, dark and handsome, he’s easy on the eyes, confident in front of the camera and he effortlessly carries the film from the beginning to the end. He has a fun script to work with and it all adds up. Sanam Saeed, despite not being at her very best, has a strong character to play with. Contrary to our first impressions of the film and its tagline (Read: Aalia, an Indian girl, is not a damsel in distress and does not need a man to save her. She’s quite the trouper and actually saves him...
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12 Oct

How DMPS got lost in translation

  There’s nothing ordinary about Asad ul Haq. From his demeanor to his approach, he’s edgy and left of centre. Then why did Pakistan – the viewer and the critic – expect his debut film, Dekh Magar Pyaar Say, to be a conventional romance or worse, a masala flick?   Asad has been filming ad campaigns for over 20 years; the Don Carlos (black and white) campaign, Telenor (again the black and white campaign) and the impactful HBL campaign featuring Pakistan Cricket Team are just some examples of his multitude of work. “I’m notorious for doing things different,” he explains, providing an easy explanation to the way DMPS is shot. “People come to me when they want to step out of the box.”     For...
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