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17 Sep

Day One at PLBW 2015

  By Aamna Haider Isani     Day One at the PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week was buzzing with all things bright and beautiful, from the ambience to dazzling collections, from front row fashion to backstage banter. Society turned out in full force, with Sehyr Saigol, Musharaf Hai, Mian and Naz Mansha, Aamna Taseer, Saadia Rashid, Kauser Humayun, Nabila, Zeba Hussain, Sherezad Rahimtoola and Rehana Saigol at one end and Fawad Khan, Farhad Humayun, Zara Peerzada, Meesha Shafi and a plethora of designers at the other.       “You know you’re in Lahore when you see fake hair and false eyelashes in abundance,” someone in the front row cattily commented but in all seriousness, Lahore is a beautiful city and its beauty reflects in the way men and...
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16 Aug

Is Fashion Dead in Pakistan?

The rise of a ready to wear revolution has resulted in the death of innovation and creative expression in Pakistan. Can someone step in and save style?   I like to think of fashion as poetry in motion.   Alexander McQueen 1999: This was one of the most memorable moments in McQueen’s show history. Two robotic hands unraveled from slumber and aggressively spray painted model Sharlom Harlow. She says: “It almost became this like aggressive sexual experience in some way. And I think that this moment really encapsulates, in a way, how Alexander related to—at least at this particular moment—related to creation. Is that all of creation? Is that the act of a human being being created, the sexual act? Is it the act...
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12 Oct

PLBW Day 2: Misha Lakhani steers wedding wear towards restrained elegance

I love fashion and I recognize the efforts being made by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council to make PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week the most credible and strongest platform for wedding wear in Pakistan. However, it has to be said that delays and endless breaks in the schedule have also made it akin to a drama serial like Humsafar that you have to watch even though it has more ad breaks than actual airtime of content. If I counted (which I actually will today) then from the 4:00pm time mentioned on the card for the 'Early Evening Shows' to begin, one spent 8 hours at the venue for not more than 2 hours of fashion show. The shows were not...
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5 Jan

Fashion Forecast for 2013

  This may sound like ‘another year, another calendar’ but now that the Mayan prophecy has passed us without as much as a punctuation mark, we can look forward to 2013 and all that it has to offer in full, fashionable abundance.  Beginning with the regulars, fashion weeks – as always - are already firmly grafted into the year’s schedule: PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Fashion Pakistan Week, PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week being the council led initiatives geared for seasonal showings in March/April and October/November, as always. Style 360 will host its usual two seasons of Bridal Couture Week in Karachi and Lahore. And Lahore will also be hosting its very first Lawn Fashion Week in March, which will follow up in...
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21 Nov

Fun, fearless…the new female role model

Aamina Sheikh trailblazers new paths for women in liberal arts (Published in Dawn Images, November 11 2012) You can’t marginalize her as a model, actor, dancer or any one figure as Aamina Sheikh is an intriguing blend of all, a smoothie of sorts. And she is smooth; her diction having the refinement of a professional speaker, her dark caramel skin tone giving her striking looks a twist of the unconventional. She has none of the fair-skinned, wide-eyed and pouty looks that models in Pakistan need to have to make it big; hers is a face filled with intelligence and character. And it’s the most sought out face of the moment, coveted by designers, photographers, event managers, drama producers and directors as well...
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8 Oct

PLBW Daily Diary: Day Four Finale

The last day of the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week was long - it literally started one day and ended the next (at 1:00 am precisely) but other than the inexcusable delays in timing, the event ended on a good note. That good note being consistency and bravado to face the odds. Agreed, it isn't easy swimming against the current, and the PFDC has managed to do just that for five pret weeks and one bridal week (yes, Hassan, we were listening each and every time you pointed it out). Very quickly, I'll take you through the last day's lineup, which began with a style segment from Khawar Riaz and Adnan Pardesy. Adnan, who has impressed with his devotion to couture...
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6 Oct

PLBW Daily Diary: Day Three

The bird's nest braid sets the stage for braids as style for the season and Mohsin Ali's impressive capsule collection brings him back in the game. Ideally, Day Three of the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week should have started with Nickie Nina and ended with Khadija Shah’s Elan, which was the strongest of the evening. Layla Chatoor, who had come to make a debut/comeback from Karachi, fell in between, her colour palette subtle and beautiful but her lack of confidence and runway experience showing to her disadvantage. It would be fair to say that the evening started on its strongest note and then gradually slipped into monotonous tedium of seeing one generic bridal after the other. [caption id="attachment_2556"...
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5 Oct

PLBW Daily Diary: Day Two

Confetti fell on the tall, colourful turbans in Ali Xeeshan's show! Some of PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week’s former glory was recovered and restored on Day 2, which started and ended with time-tested, traditional bridal statements. Maram and Aabroo, two very hard working and talented stylists put out a video featuring a beautiful Iman busy with the Solah Singhar ritual before her wedding day: the bakhoor, the kajal, the zewar, the itr and it all unraveled in a romantic Mughal way. The video led to a small style segment featuring six gorgeous bridal ensembles courtesy Zara Shahjehan. It was all a throw back to Mariam Zamani and her extended toilette. Zara Shahjehan collaborated with...
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