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13 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day Two

Day Two at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was the strongest day that I remember ever seeing at a fashion week in Pakistan. The lineup was strong but we know that lineups and names don't necessarily live up to expectations. Not this time. Each and every designers who I thought should show super stuff delivered and it made for a fantastic day for fashion.   Nomi Ansari Collection: Joyride   Nomi Ansari set the pace for the day. His collection was racy, fun and so perfectly well constructed. Colour is Nomi's norm and anyone who knows him gets the China-colour-kitsch signature that he carries around as his ethos. This is where he came into his own strength. People have been making comparisons with western collections...
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22 Sep

Day Three at PLBW 2015

by Aamna Haider Isani     The third and final day of fashion week held the promise of the best shows and the most amazing collections. But it didn’t live up to either of those expectations. Day 3 started on a strong note with Shamaeel and Nomi Ansari but it tumbled downhill from there.       Label: Shamaeel Collection: Absolute Orientalism     Shamaeel has a strong signature and she sticks to it. Rich, grand and very regal ensembles dominated this collection; there was layering as usual and that layering was enhanced by the use of print. Visually it was a delight and reflected the designer’s understanding of her craft. The finale outfit, a red velvet trailing bridal, was nothing short of resplendent.       Label: Nomi Ansari Collection: Oudh       Colour is what most people...
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19 Sep

Day Two at PLBW 2015

  By Aamna Haider Isani       Label: Sana Safinaz Collection: France Lesage   What really resonated well with our crystal-blinded eyes was the visual relief that Sana Safinaz lent to the runway. This collection was modern and documented the various styles that should be adapted by women in their wedding/trousseau wardrobes. And it was a sexy collection, designed for poised and sophisticated women who prefer to move forward as opposed to get weighed down by the past.     Label: Fahad Hussayn Collection: Matam: Novelty Couture     Fahad Hussayn displayed some exquisite craftsmanship in this collection that, despite the sombre title, had no darkness to it. The intricacy of Hussayn’s detailing was perfect and yet like the weight of the ensembles sent out, there was something that weighed the collection down. There...
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3 May

“FW is time to show off a little"

Safinaz Muneer talks about showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and how exhausting fashion weeks can be when they’re two too many!   The Sana Safinaz showing on the fourth and final day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was undoubtedly one of the strongest, most memorable of the day. It’s hard to get over those vibrant pops of colour set against a monochrome canvas of black and white stripes. It was a happy collection, one that lifted the soul into a summer vacation on some sandy beach by aqua blue water. That’s the thing about the brand Sana Safinaz, it delivers a unique feel-good factor, one that comes with glamour and gorgeousness.       I bumped into Safinaz as...
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