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14 Aug

Redefining the Lollywood stereotype

A new spate of professionals is trying to change the perception of Pakistan’s archaic film industry but it’ll take a bit more to reload this barrel. The way popular music videos are shot in Pakistan have come a long way from the days when music video directors stuck to two basic formulas: the khandar mein kharra band video and the Pir Suhawa mein cruising band video. These two formulas pretty much summed up most of the videos from the nineties, give or take the few shot on Karachi’s seashore. With directors as accomplished as Bilal Lashari, Jami, Saqib Malik, Sohail Javed and Zeeshan Parwez (amongst others) the formulas have changed. Music videos are pushing boundaries: Sajni, Gallan and Chal Bulleya are...
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