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28 Sep

The TDAP Trip

I've never had the motivation to attend a TDAP event before, not just because it was always held at the other side of the city at the Expo Centre, but also because the former Director was allegedly/ infamously corrupt (now in jail) and because TDAP infamously put up shoddy WC and mango stalls in their exports exhibition. Let's just say I had my reasons. This year the fashion shows, at least, were different and showed promise. I have no idea what and how much the newly appointed Secretary, Rabiya Javeri can change but someone with her background and reputation does suddenly bring class and respect to an event. Which is basically why so many credible labels agreed to show. The line...
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3 Aug

A little bit of Inaaya

For those of you who have visited Ensemble in Karachi, you may have noticed a quiet yet smart and very intrinsically Pakistani clothing label called Inaaya. Those of you who know Naushaba Brohi from the media world (she was editor of the Life & Style pages of Express Tribune before Atika) will know the person behind Inaaya. Others may have simply appreciated the label for its simplicity, modern and yet restrained elegance. Inaaya, named after Naushaba's daughter (it means empathy in Arabic), is an ethical brand of clothing working to revive Pakistani craft while simultaneously empowering artisans. Currently Bee is working with around 50 women in the Khairpur district of Sindh. Naushaba with her team of artisans. The results,...
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29 Apr

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day Three

Day Three at PSFW started with the strongest collection Rizwan Beyg has done since his Carnivale showing almost a decade ago. And it was an unfair disadvantage for everyone following. How do you follow that? Rizwan Beyg Truck art was redefined like never before, created by artisans in rural areas, and the entire collection was manufactured 'ethically'. The images were so powerful and so inherently Pakistani. This was a show only someone with Rizwan Beyg's confidence could have put out. It was visually splendid. Nothing on Day 3 could impress after it. I don't know why I don't have a visual for Zonia Anwaar on my iPad but I will be updating as soon as the official pictures come...
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30 Aug

Rural to Runway

rizwan-beyg-on-ethical-fashion Ethical Fashion is all about salvaging the conscience (Herald, June 2012) Rizwan Beyg Most people in Pakistan are still confusing ‘ethical’ for ‘ethnical’ but the term ‘ethical’ should acquire the clarity and visibility of a neon sign now that it’s gaining steam all across the world. It can be incredibly pertinent to Pakistan, and Pakistani fashion especially. What do ethics have to do with fashion? More than you think. Ethical fashion, in Pakistan and the third world, is all about rural empowerment and it simultaneously feeds the purpose of reviving dying crafts. The chikankari and gotta work done by the women of Bahawalpur, the rilli patchwork done in central Sindh and the phulkari work done by women in northern Swat are...
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