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16 Aug

Is Fashion Dead in Pakistan?

The rise of a ready to wear revolution has resulted in the death of innovation and creative expression in Pakistan. Can someone step in and save style?   I like to think of fashion as poetry in motion.   Alexander McQueen 1999: This was one of the most memorable moments in McQueen’s show history. Two robotic hands unraveled from slumber and aggressively spray painted model Sharlom Harlow. She says: “It almost became this like aggressive sexual experience in some way. And I think that this moment really encapsulates, in a way, how Alexander related to—at least at this particular moment—related to creation. Is that all of creation? Is that the act of a human being being created, the sexual act? Is it the act...
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5 Aug

A moment with Amjad Sabri

  Where: At the Shaan-e-Pakistan introductory press conference in Karachi   The highlight of the evening was the baritone presence of Amjad Sabri and when he sang a few lines from “Bhar De Jholi” he brought the house down. Amjad Sabri was, in fact, the strongest element in the Shaan e Pakistan introductory press conference that took place at the Pearl Continental this evening. The fact that Sabri will inaugurate the Shaan e Pakistan gala on September 10 in Delhi with an evening titled ‘Ek Shaam Pakistan Ke Naam’ is very promising. What better way to introduce Pakistan to India (not that the two need an introduction) than through powerful qawalis.     "Pakistan and India unite over two thing: nuclear technology and music," Sabri said...
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15 Oct

PLBW: Last Day Last Show, Best Show!

The three day PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week ended on a high note, highlighted by the brilliance of colour from Nomi Ansari, the dignity of Sana Safinaz's colour chrome and of course the grand finale. But the day, in its entirety, was a good one. Zara Shahjahan Zara Shahjahan has the potential to be creative - as she was with floral lehngas and ghagras with pockets - however, the crowd pleasing commercial pieces were run of the mill. They may be essential to keep the business warm but I would like Zara to take the leap of faith and plunge into her skills wholeheartedly. Nomi Ansari One of the most widely appreciated (and copied) designers, Nomi...
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28 Aug

Ek Tha Billa

This secret agent has more mush than mission on his mind (This review is meant to be read as a spoof of a review, just as the film is to be watched as a spoof of a romantic spy thriller) The thing about bans is that they pique your curiosity beyond reason and you end up watching a movie that you otherwise may have had no interest in. Curiosity gets the worst of us in Ek Tha Tiger, only this Tiger turns out to be a pussycat, an overgrown pumped up billa that fits the proverb perfectly. Manish/Avinash  (alias Tiger), an experienced RAW agent allows himself to fall in love with ISI agent Zoya. Hell, if all ISI agents really looked this hot...
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