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28 Jun

The evil side of Ahsan Khan

Udaari is most definitely one of the only, if not only, socially responsible dramas currently airing on television. It is multi-tiered, drawing attention to class differences, social taboos and most importantly, pedophilia. While most plays cash on the weeping-willow-woman syndrome, Udaari is brave enough to present its women strong willed and independent. And while almost all its characters are portrayed to perfection it is Ahsan Khan’s role as the green eyed devious pedophile that resonates as brilliant. His presence onscreen makes you cringe; despite being bright eyed and good looking, he sends shivers down your spine when he saunters in. Ahsan Khan has effectively redefined the way we perceive and imagine villains. Imtiaz is not your usually unpleasant and predictably repulsive...
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