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3 May

“FW is time to show off a little"

Safinaz Muneer talks about showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, their Spring/Summer 2015 collection and how exhausting fashion weeks can be when they’re two too many!   The Sana Safinaz showing on the fourth and final day of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was undoubtedly one of the strongest, most memorable of the day. It’s hard to get over those vibrant pops of colour set against a monochrome canvas of black and white stripes. It was a happy collection, one that lifted the soul into a summer vacation on some sandy beach by aqua blue water. That’s the thing about the brand Sana Safinaz, it delivers a unique feel-good factor, one that comes with glamour and gorgeousness.       I bumped into Safinaz as...
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23 Aug

I spent too much on lawn this year and you probably did too!

Between March and May 2013 (roughly), I spent a small fortune on buying lawn, exclusive of what I paid for getting the damn things tailored. And this was me restraining myself after claiming and announcing that I would not buy lawn this year. This is the breakdown: I can't wear this print without walking into a print-double at any point of the day. Out. Sana Safinaz: 3 Sania Maskatiya: 3 Nida Azwer: 2 Khaadi: 2 I have already passed on 3 prints to my maid, 2 have been reduced to night suits and 2 have been over-washed and thus are too faded to wear outside the house anymore. 2 prints were too see-through for me to be comfortable in, 1 was too...
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17 Feb

Safinaz talks lawn!

Safinaz manages to look cool, even first thing in the morning at work. She wears a design from her Silk 2012 collection, advocating the streamlined trouser and short shirt. It’s always satisfying to walk into the Sana Safinaz studio in Karachi because it buzzes with positive energy. The luxury-pret room is always brimming over with women pulling at the new samples in the racks, the bridal studio looks resplendent with sparkling ensembles, the office space paints the same picture of pretty girls huddled over sketches, orders, pictures or financial reports and Sana & Safinaz, amidst all of this, are perpetually zipping across all rooms with their hands more than full. I visited on Friday, the day Karachi experienced...
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6 May

13. Sana Safinaz go green!

The lime green coolant This outfit has been hanging in my cupboard for over a month and I haven't had the opportunity to wear it simply because it is, well, a tad bit too festive for daily/casual wear and a little too conventional to qualify as fashionable. So it's been hanging there, looking crisp and cool until I decided to pull it out for a very hot evening at The Designers yesterday. The store wasn't hot but with mercury creeping over 40 degrees in Karachi I was melting. Solution: shalwar kameez! And it did the trick. As you can see, Sana Safinaz have given me a broad, airy neckline for this straight shirt and even the sleeves...
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16 Mar

Lawn campaigns par excellence!

For those of you who are not following the latest TVC craze, here's my choice of Summer 2012's best lawn campaigns yet. [youtube=] The feel is old school, classic and regal. Good job Guddu Shani! [youtube=] Sun, sand and wind blown so fresh and perfect for a French summer. Kudos Shahbaz Sumar. [youtube=] Nostalgic for a dusty old romantic movie. Asad ul Haq draws Sonam Kapoor into Pakistan....
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