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3 May

TFPW SS2015: Day 2

No beating around the bush or sugar coating, I have to say it like I saw it. The second day at TFPW was not great. If we were looking for some missing oomph yesterday, then all efforts were completely brushed under the rug today. At one point the collections had become so mundane that Abdul Samad’s runway gimmickry brought a moment of (misguided) thrill. As least it was entertaining.   Unfortunately I do not love fashion week for its entertainment value but for its fashion forwardness, for the new and unexpected trends it promises to offer, for the mental notes it pushes one to make on what trends to adapt and what to wear. Fashion Week, so far, has not managed to...
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21 Feb

Day 2 at Fashion Pakistan Week S/S 2014

A stronger day than the first, Day two at the Fashion Pakistan Week S/S 2014 presented some serious style, whether it was the high street trendsetting brand Gulabo, the elegant and now available Tughra line by Shamaeel, the trends show by Maybelline which featured diverse capsules from Sania Maskatiya, Sublime and Sanam Chaudhri or the Toni & Guy #HairMeetWardrobe show, which offered high glamour by Maheen Karim. Jafferjees took a very New York leap in revealing a smart, modern Summer line and Nauman Arfeen has (over the last two collections) emerged as a very impressive menswear designer. Sheep may have been the weaker link of the day but it showed potential to grow, perhaps the brand just needs to shepherd...
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17 Feb

Move over, Sindh Festival, it’s FPW time!

Shamaeel, after her showing, last year. To a fashion journalist (that's me) there's hardly anything more exciting than the idea of fashion week around the corner. And as this week begins, that thrill is stepping in with Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2014 (#FPWS2014). The fashion council may have skipped (yet) another season by giving Autumn/Winter a miss (the last FPW was in April 2013) but it returns with a stronger lineup, offering a happy mix of designers from Lahore and Karachi, from the pool of established veterans to a puddle of talented newbies. From the given lineup, I am looking forward to Gulabo, Shamaeel Ansari, Nomi Ansari, HSY, Deepak Perwani, Fahad Hussayn, Faraz Mannan, Mohsin Ali, Nida Azwer,...
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3 Oct

The Fashion Pakistan council makes another comeback, yet again.

If you've ever been up North, even to Muree, you'll have noticed age-worn pick-ups and wagons wheezing their way up the hilly, windy roads. They speed through and then roll backwards when their momentum dips, letting out gusts of smoky diesel every now and then. They offload passengers and crawl up inclines, unable to handle the weight. Well, no offence, but Fashion Pakistan - as a council - reminds me of these rickety modes of transportation, the obsession with truck art replete. Mind you, they almost always do make it to their destination successfully, but if you're onboard (as I have been once in Swat), your journey is bound to be frustrating. (L-R) Nauman Arfeen, Mahin Hussein,...
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12 Sep

Sanam Chaudhri is Fashion Pakistan Council’s newly elected Chairperson

"Fashion is a funny animal. You never know what’s going to happen. What we do know is that we need to leave our egos at home.” Sanam Chaudhri showing at the Veet Celebration of Beauty in 2011. Sanam Chaudhri, a young talented designer from the fashion industry – someone who also has discipline and a head for business – is Fashion Pakistan Council’s newly elected Chairperson. Wardha Saleem, another one on the frontline of today’s trailblazers, is the CEO and Maheen Karim completes this trio as Spokesperson. They replace Shamaeel, Maheen Khan and Deepak Perwani respectively. Obviously, I had to call Sanam as soon as I found out… Me: Did you know what you were signing up for? That’s quite...
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4 Jun

Fashion weeks lead to fashion retail

Sania Maskatiya and Umair Tabani, the brain behind the brand. Designers should have the space to create while someone else worries about the business and Sania's lucky to have that in her brother. How many times have I heard the question, “What do fashion weeks achieve?” as most people feel it’s an opportunity for certain designers to claim the spotlight before they disappear into the woodwork for the next six months. People feel that way because while runway images may make for ample media fodder (and we do love churning pictures out on different angles for the next six months) clothes shown on the runway were seldom seen in stores. I said 'were' because that holds true...
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22 May

FDA: Fashion Daily Allowance for shopaholics

The joy of driving back home with a boot full of newly purchased merchandize is an immeasurable pleasure for the shopaholic. And you could diagnose me as one. That said, I try never to exceed the credit limit on my card and my delight is always multiplied when I stumble across great bargains. Those great bargains, in my opinion, come in stores that offer high style for a fraction of the cost. 1. Sana Safinaz Store x The Sana Safinaz store is one-must-stop at DMC, especially for those visiting Karachi. To get a well-style, trend pushing (short, smart as opposed to long and flared) tunic for Rs3500 is a smile but when that tunic comes with a Sana Safinaz label it's nothing short...
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