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5 Apr

Haute Review: Meherposh episode one sets a positive tone

Abdullah Kadwani
Meherposh debuted this Friday and for a first episode, ticked a lot of right boxes. The drama features real life couple, Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor, and they undoubtedly make a very handsome pair. Ayeza plays the role of Mehru, a young girl with a government job that pays 40,000 a month and she wants to continue even after marriage. Danish plays the cordial and helpful Shahjahan, a young and apparently jobless boy who spends his days helping Mehru’s parents with odd jobs around the house. In the first episode he’s shown bringing them a gas cylinder for the kitchen and also getting sweet yogurt for lunch. While Shahjahan appears to be in awe of Mehru, it’s Mehru’s younger sister who...
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