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12 Mar

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week took off on Thursday, with five strong names and one Rising Talent Show that offered a glimpse at what fashion students were up to these days. One thing was certain, even before the day took off, and that's the size and scale of fashion week, which the council has managed to build into a formidable force. The strength of any fashion week, however, is always its content and here's a recap of what Day One offered in terms of collections, innovation and design...
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11 Oct

PLBW takes off with trendsetting wedding wear

When it boils down to basics, a day at fashion week has to be judged by the quality of design it sends out on the catwalk, the amount of style seen on its red carpets, front rows and the kind of push it gives the fashion industry in general. That's three solid checks for PLBW Day One. HSY HSY brought his three muses to the catwalk: Vaneeza, Mehreen Syed and Reema, cast in the splendour of three collections in red, gold and midnight blue respectively. The runway does require exaggeration and his layering was very ambitious but the impact was grand and served a diverse palette of wedding wear for brides to choose from. I feel I should...
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25 Jul

We could all do with a little Sublime!

I say this is lieu of Ramzan transmissions in Pakistan, morning shows, evangelists on crack and the entire mess that begins with undignified preaching and ends with giving away babies on TV sets: "We could all do with a little Sublime this season!" Over to fashion. The thing about experience is that when you’ve been around long enough, you develop very concrete and confident opinions about brands that you can respect and appreciate and brands that you cannot. And Sublime by Sara Shahid is most definitely one brand that has earned a very deep-rooted respect over the years. Why? The Sublime aesthetic is unique to Sara and it has always been on the mark. Primarily a pret label, Sara manages to bring a very...
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4 Jun

Fashion weeks lead to fashion retail

Sania Maskatiya and Umair Tabani, the brain behind the brand. Designers should have the space to create while someone else worries about the business and Sania's lucky to have that in her brother. How many times have I heard the question, “What do fashion weeks achieve?” as most people feel it’s an opportunity for certain designers to claim the spotlight before they disappear into the woodwork for the next six months. People feel that way because while runway images may make for ample media fodder (and we do love churning pictures out on different angles for the next six months) clothes shown on the runway were seldom seen in stores. I said 'were' because that holds true...
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12 Nov

Sara Shahid’s back in the game!

Sara Shahid brings a European sensibility to the table. Photo: Faisal Farooqui The force of fashion gravity had to bring her back, sooner or later. Though Sara Shahid of Sublime, one of the strongest designers in Pakistan, has been staying away due to personal reasons, her re-entry with a newly renovated Sublime studio in Lahore is most welcome. It's come at a great time because she now has time and space to find her bearings, get back on her feet and prepare for fashion week. Though nothing has been formally announced, I hear that the next season of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week is being scheduled for April 2013. So, does she plan to show? ...
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22 Mar

Ready for a Simply Sublime summer?

The Simply Sublime summer campaign hits trails on March 25 If there's anything to effectively take the mind off doom and gloom looming over the Asia Cup final, it's the colour and joie de vivre of the upcoming Simply Sublime collection. While Sara Shahid may not be showing at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, she is all geared up to stay in the picture through her summer collection which continues her love for citrus, cheerful colours. With everything under Rs8000/- here's another reason to stay happy. The collection will be available at the Sublime flagship store in Lahore. Happy shopping!...
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30 Sep

What washed out fashion week

Instep Sept 26, 2010 The bright lights and vivid colours of fashion weeks have worn out and washed out, leaving behind a very tired, dull and lacklustre fashion industry. From April (when FPW2 concluded fashion week season) to date, there has hardly been any inspiring activity and it’s just not the socio-political dynamics of the country that has caused this dreariness. Designers, it appears, are burnt out/out of steam after participating in fashion weeks galore and the only road to recovery for them seems to be foreign trips. For shows, exhibitions or inspirations, who knows how the wheels of creative minds work? What we do know is that they’re certainly not working on new collections as the PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week,...
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31 Mar

Sara Shahid relocates Sublime in Karachi

Summer blues: Me, Sara Shahid, Fareshteh Aslam and Fathma Amir at the launch. Sara Shahid of the Lahore based label Sublime flew down to Karachi to launch her brand of clothing at Labels.  She has been stocking at another multi brand fashion boutique – The Designers – for several years but I think Labels will be a much more lucrative and appropriate option for the minimalist label. While The Designers has been great for formal, wedding wear, Labels has been synonymous with the working woman’s wardrobe, whether it is designed for ‘on the job’ or formal evening clothing. Sublime fits the bill perfectly. Also, the higher footfall at Labels will ensure better success for the brand. [caption id=""...
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