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5 Feb

The Whole Six Yards

PAKISTAN: COMEBACK OF SARI The sari disappeared in Pakistan after Zia declared it un-Islamic. But it’s back, in the trousseaus of Pak girls, and as formal wear. ( Published in Outlook India, April 30, 2007) Que Sera Sari * Saris are once again enjoying a revival in Pakistan Earlier, prominent women like Fatima Jinnah, Begum Liaqat Ali, Nusrat Bhutto wore saris unapologetically. * Saris faded from view when Gen Zia officially declared that they were “un-Islamic”. * Today they are increasingly being worn by women who want to make a statement of rebellion against Islamisation. * Young women also wear it as a statement of independence and individuality Indian TV soaps have helped the revival of the sari in Pakistan So has the fashion for elaborate bridal-wear...
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