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25 Jul

Shaan on Yalghaar and Patriotism

  “Why do people have a problem with us being patriotic?” - Shaan talks about the upcoming war film, Yalghaar that is scheduled to release later this year.    The first teaser of upcoming war film, Yalghaar, is out and despite the obvious militancy and action it looks slick and well shot. Simply put, it looks like a film made for the large screen – unlike the many smaller films that are defining the new age of cinema in Pakistan – but the question is: is the story-telling just as good? Will Yalghaar entertain or will it be two-and-a-half-hours of cinema that aims to violently provoke nationalism in a sleeping nation?     Shaan with Dr Hassan Raza     “We are a nation at war; we...
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5 Aug

Cine Sunday: Wolverine and Waar hype

I have decided to dedicate Sundays to the cinema. Not just because it reads as an alliteration but because Sundays are the only day I get to indulge in my other love: movies. And so after cinematic abstinence during my 6 week zen holiday in China, I was all too eager to book myself some seats. The only film worth watching was Wolverine and so The Wolverine it was. That's one good enough reason to watch the film, in the cinema, in 3D. I love superheroes and more so, mutants. They stand out and so The Wolverine, despite spoilers and warnings, was an engaging watch. For one, Hugh Jackman is worth the watch, barring that epic disaster called...
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